I love your questioning of mainstream media and questioning Government policies and how you explain how you see the outcomes from the particular policies.


I have personally enjoyed and look forward the articles within the Rum Rebellion, as the info comes in from all sides, with very differing view points. I tend to agree with most of what Greg Canavan has to say, as It just makes sense. He is also very respectful of others opinions, however is not … Read More


Informative and definetly more objective than mainstream media


When I first subscribed to Rum Rebellion, I wasn’t an investor! I just wanted a better source than the controlled mainstream media to understand what was really going on politically and economically in this country! And I’ve not been disappointed. I feel better informed and I appreciate the different points of views of all the … Read More


Hi Greg, Thank goodness we can actually get some real news of what is going on this world. This is why I look forward to the Rum Rebellion reports. I find the information to be balanced and well researched and unlike the biased main stream hysteria dished up with generally running meaningless agendas. I look … Read More


I enjoy reading your fearless and unbiased opinions.They educate me and cause me to think in a much broader manner. The manner in which you express yourself indicates that considerable research has been undertaken before putting pen to paper. Keep up the high standard!


I must say that I find the “Rum Rebellion” a refreshing read. You address subjects that are just not addressed by the mainstream media. I find your economic and financial analysis generally insightful and your political views enlightening. I believe you help people see the “other side” of the trade which is where the real … Read More


Thank you for the insightful commentary you regularly provide in the Rum Rebellion. I have enjoyed your ready response to the everyday happenings of what is going on around us and the drivers behind the scenes. Your balanced blend of the political realities and financial imperatives shine a reality check on the drivel fed up … Read More


Thank goodness for The Rum Rebellion, Alan Jones, Dr Mercola and others. The Rum Rebellion provides an invaluable service to those who value the truth. Keep up the good work.

The Rum Rebellion