An essential daily read to get the day off to a rational start

Kevin Cuyler

Unbiased, non political and too the point. Very informative and one of my most important Go-To publications.

Andrew Brown

A really valuable ‘alternative view’ to investing – thought provoking analysis.

Brendan D

Great to get a fresh perspective on how the macro economic forces work, or don’t work, as the case may be. MSM, apart from The Australian, is a complete joke, so your insights are a breath of fresh air. Keep up the good work!  

C Whitford

I love the financial, political and social insights provided. They push past the clanging narrative of the mass media to reveal that nothing ever is as it seems. Dig a little deeper, look at the ‘why’ not the ‘what’ and go with reason, not reactive emotion.


The Rum Rebellion enabled me to dodge significant bullets with the US stock market and my Australian Super. Very timely advice. Also provided me with an education on share markets, precious metals, digital currencies, valuation of shares and reading of statistics. Greg Canavan, Jim Rickards, Vern Gowdie and Shae Russell provide excellent well thought through … Read More

Tim H

I love it, and read it in conjunction with other PPP subscriptions. I really enjoy the diversity of topics, and the unbiased commentary – especially on macro topics.


I am grateful someone out there, such as The Rum Rebellion, is giving an alternative view and not following mainstream media.


A newsletter that doesn’t shy away from the hard issues and provides an alternative discourse from the populist and outwardly biased views perpetuated by the mainstream media. I would say that it mostly achieves the ambitions of it’s headline title.

Paul Sampson

Excellent wide-ranging local & global economic insights, integrating thoughts from multiple contributors

The Rum Rebellion