Please pass on my comments to Vern Gowdie on his latest article in The Rum Rebellion – The Class of ’39 published on 27/09/19

What a great article! Such clear-sighted common sense – we urgently need those qualities in the era of hyped-up, manipulated public debates bombarding us these days.

I have been very concerned at the tactics of mobilising young school students and whipping them into a frenzy of fear. An adolescent mind has an ‘all or nothing’ tendency and demands instant results.

Managing the complex, long-term issues of climate and technology requires long-term commitment, detailed information and strategic planning – the kind of dogged, hard slog that Vern’s ancestors had to put in to build the foundations of the Australia we enjoy today. It is those qualities that will help us take Australia and the world into a sustainable future.

RosslynThe Rum Rebellion Reader
The Rum Rebellion