Five Stocks the Market Overlooked (That Look Set to Thrive in 2021)

In this FREE Rum Rebellion report, Greg Canavan shares five underdog stocks that have the potential to skyrocket way past ‘overpriced’ growth stocks in 2021.

Deep Value Stocks

Greg believes several firms on the ASX have been dramatically undervalued, but in this new post-pandemic world, they stand poised to fly high…

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  1. The Large-Cap Infrastructure Play Waiting Behind the Curtains… This stock plunged hard in 2020 but could soon rise as a phoenix from the ashes. If Australia’s return to normal drives up traffic — and the likelihood is high — then this firm’s cash flow could see an almighty spike. Even bigger rebounds lay in wait if commuters continue to avoid public transport.
  2. The Private Hospital Group Ready for a Change in Pace… During the pandemic, private hospitals had to help with hospital bed shortages. It makes sense. But the tide is turning fast and so could this hospital’s earnings. The private giant looks set to book swathes of elective surgeries once more…pocketing powerful profits (and potential returns for you as an investor) as a result.
  3. The Internet Retailer with Exponential Momentum… This e-commerce up-and-comer was once a traditional leader in brick-and-mortar stores, but the pandemic’s curb on foot traffic sliced its earnings painfully. Yet a savvy switch to internet retail has seen online sales hit the roof! Luckily for the company — and those who invest — this upward trend shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon, according to Greg.
  4. The Telco Titan at the Forefront of the Work from Home Revolution… It’s a wonder the internet hasn’t broken yet from every single Aussie sitting at home right now, clawing at its bandwidth. But companies like this one who deal in such an essential service will stand to grow mighty in the face of high demand. Greg’s research has led him to believe that this is the number one telco stock you need to watch…


  1. The Real Estate Investment Trust with Cash-Cow Promise… Like other REITS, COVID bit this one hard last year, but Greg believes the bounce back will be one for the history books. With over 75 properties and a 97.5% occupancy rate, consider the value this stock could churn out for years and years to come…

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A really valuable ‘alternative view’ to investing – thought provoking analysis.

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