The Gowdie Advisory with Vern Gowdie

In today’s turbulent and unpredictable market, getting time-sensitive financial advice is crucial. The Gowdie Advisory serves as your trusted guide — equipping you with the knowledge, feedback and strategies to help you manage your money smartly…and independently.

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The Vern Gowdie Newsletter

After receiving a flood of email requests from The Gowdie Letter subscribers for more comprehensive support, market expert Vern Gowdie decided to launch an in-depth service titled The Gowdie Advisory.

Together with the Fat Tail Investment Research team, Vern provides general advice centred around the unique problems of protecting personal finance set-ups at this current time.

Vern covers a range of topics, including how to:

  • Protect your savings in the event of an Australian banking crisis
  • Manage your superannuation if you’re bearish on stocks…but still own a lot of stocks in your portfolio…
  • Reduce the amount that fees and taxes take from your returns
  • Avoid falling prey to the bear market vultures
  • Make smart moves in preparing for and living through a ‘depression retirement’
  • Anticipate government moves — and prepare for them
  • Prepare to go on the stock market offensive with the right strategy — at the right time
  • PLUS…tips on dealing with a dramatic loss of income…lending money to friends and family in need…tax structuring and property managing in a post-COVID world…and adjusting your personal finances to the ‘new normal’…

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