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Crisis & Opportunity is an investment advisory service like no other.

The strategy is based around the philosophy that with every crisis comes a valuable investment opportunity.

Trump’s trade war, Peak Gold, the new uranium bull market, energy plays — all of these things are your chance to ‘go long’ on market chaos.

Using Greg Canavan’s ‘Fusion Method’ which combines fundamental and technical analysis, you will learn when to time entries into key markets before the big money moves in.

Greg has recently revealed four potential gold junior take-over targets.

With the big boys like Newcrest trading at lofty multiples, this may be the best way to profit on gold.

Go HERE to learn more.

The Gowdie Letter is where our editor Vern Gowdie shares the steps you need to take to protect your wealth from a mega-crash.

Trillions in debt is the new normal and Australia has been on a miracle run recently, but at some point the music stops.

Do you know where your money needs to be when this happens?

Having moved his clients’ money out of the worst-hit sectors of the market before the GFC, Vern knows how to profit when financial disaster strikes.

All of the plays Vern Gowdie recommends are simple and straightforward to implement — for now.

Taking out a subscription to the The Gowdie Letter could not only help you steel your portfolio against the coming storm…it could also help you lock in massive rebound-gains, if you pick the right assets, at the right time.

With the ‘fear-factor’ at all-time highs, Vern reveals his survival strategy in his book The End of Australia.

To learn more about this must-read resource go HERE.

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