What is The Rum Rebellion Australia?

The Rum Rebellion is a free daily e-letter, which regularly comments on the nexus between money, stocks, economics, and politics. Based in Melbourne, Australia, The Rum Rebellion seeks to be a voice for liberty-seeking Australian citizens, particularly those with an interest in growing their financial wealth.

Each edition is brimming with unique and sometimes controversial commentary on money and stocks. If you manage your own portfolio, or just want to take a greater interest in the world of money, The Rum Rebellion will become an indispensable daily companion. Think of it as your daily shot of rum.

You can read our musings online at www.rumrebellion.club or, even better, have them delivered straight to your email inbox every day, simply by signing up for the free e-letter. That way, you’ll never miss out on our latest insights and analysis.

How is The Rum Rebellion different to other financial publications and websites out there?

Every day, the internet is filled with seemingly endless content on finance and investing. Unfortunately, quantity doesn’t mean quality. Most of it is just recycled noise and public relations ‘guff’ disguised as news.

At The Rum Rebellion, our aim isn’t to recycle and regurgitate mainstream news on finance and the stock markets. In fact, we’re often at odds with the mainstream view because we seek to tell you how the world is, not how we wish it to be.

Our team brings you the angle you won’t find in the major mastheads, delivering investment information and ideas you may not have considered. In doing so, we believe we give our readers a valuable edge over most other investors.

Does it cost anything to subscribe to The Rum Rebellion?

Subscribing to The Rum Rebellion e-letter is absolutely free. The daily analysis and insights we provide are free of charge. You won’t have to pay a penny and you can unsubscribe at any time.

How do I become a Rum Rebellion subscriber?

That’s simple, you just follow this link, type in your email address, and click the submit button. You’ll receive a welcome email confirmation shortly after, and you’ll start receiving your daily Rum Rebellion within 24 hours. 

How often will I receive The Rum Rebellion?

As a subscriber, you’ll receive our practical and profitable investment knowledge Monday through Friday, as well as a special weekend edition on Saturdays.

How can The Rum Rebellion provide all this investment information for free?

The Rum Rebellion is where we introduce you to our broad thoughts and analysis. As a Rum Rebellion reader, we’ll let you in on some of those ideas. But the full analysis, including when to buy and when to sell, is something we reserve for our paying subscribers. From time to time we’ll introduce you to our editors’ latest and best ideas. Of course, you’re under no obligation to join these services and take the advice. These paid services are simply available to you should you wish to get even more out of your wealth by taking advantage of the exclusive share tips and investment ideas of our specialist editors. These additional services offer comprehensive investment strategies not usually found anywhere else — not even in The Rum Rebellion.

Will The Rum Rebellion share my email address with third parties?

 No. We will never share or sell your email address to external parties. The only emails that we send to you will be sent direct from The Rum Rebellion.

Can I unsubscribe from The Rum Rebellion?

If you feel the information in The Rum Rebellion doesn’t help you become a smarter, richer, and more successful investor, you can unsubscribe from it at any time. Simply click the unsubscribe link found at the bottom of every Rum Rebellion email.

 Who are the people behind The Rum Rebellion?

 The Rum Rebellion is published by Fat Tail Investment Research, an independent financial publisher based in Melbourne, Australia. Our parent company is Agora Inc, one of the world’s largest independent financial publishers. As an Australian financial services licence holder we are subject to the regulations and laws of the Corporations Act and the Financial Services Act.

You can view a copy of our Financial Services Guide here.

Can you tell me about the people who write The Rum Rebellion?

Our investment editors have a wealth of experience and knowledge in the financial markets and various other industries. They share this with Rum Rebellion readers each day.

Each of our editors specialise in a specific area of investment advice and analysis. However, we all share a common trait: To offer a unique and independent perspective on the financial markets.

Of course, when you’ve got this many opinions, it means we won’t always agree with each other. But that’s when we often find the best material shines through. It encourages us to back up our ideas and analysis. This can only result in better information for our readers.

If you’d like to find out more about each of the main Rum Rebellion editors (including which editor most closely matches your own views), go here.

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