River of No Return

You’ll recall from yesterday’s Diary that there are only two important things a president has to do: He has to protect the American people…and their property. Like two banks of a river, they can never be entirely separated.

Presidential Monkey Business

Birds gotta fly. Fish gotta swim. And a degenerate empire has to find its way down from the peak, one stumble at a time. Each president has to take the fall assigned to him.

The Risk of Change is Nothing New

Financially speaking, it’s been a crazy year. We’ve seen massive government stimulus…a stock market crash and rising unemployment. And at the same time, pretty much almost everywhere you look things are looking up…

Depressing Stimulus

Since the US stepped up its stimulus efforts in 2008, the rate of wealth creation has been cut in half. So, Mr Biden…more stimulus? Sure, why not.

The Rum Rebellion