Stock Market

The Rum Rebellion analyses the Aussie stock market from a perspective you won’t get in the mainstream business pages. The Australian stock market is heavily influenced by the banking sector (financials make up around one-third of the index’s value) and the resource sector. While these are obviously important, there is plenty of stuff going on ‘under the hood’, so to speak. We seek to highlight these opportunities, as well as alert you to the danger signs.

To do this, we use charts in our analysis. A picture is worth a thousand words and a chart contains a wealth of information about a stock, sector or index as a whole. So on the days that we’re talking about stocks or stock markets, we’ll throw in a few charts to show you what we’re talking about.

More importantly, it’s not just about what we think. It’s about what the market is saying. Charts help you to cut through the noise and opinions and show you what is really going on in the markets.

Here Comes the Fear

Is this the start of the fear? The Dow and S&P both plunged nearly 3% overnight. The NASDAQ sank 3.5%. Yesterday, the ASX 200 fell around 2%. It could lose the same again today.

The Rum Rebellion