Global Markets

The Aussie market tends to follow global markets, particularly the US. For that reason, The Rum Rebellion will regularly keep you up to date with what’s happening in the world’s major markets.

Global politics is also at a critical juncture. There is a big-picture arm wrestle happening between the forces of globalism and those who believe in the pre-eminence of national sovereignty.

You can see this in the British peoples’ desire to escape from the stifling regulation of the European Union. You can see it in the increasing support Trump is getting for his ‘Make America Great Again’ stance, despite around the clock criticism and lies from the establishment media.

The Rum Rebellion stands for individual freedom. Decentralisation of power is the key to this. Globalisation, on the other hand, is a force for the centralisation of power and the slow and covert imposition of rule by unelected elites.

Our comments on global politics will rail against globalisation and rule by technocrats. It will include calling out fake news, as the establishment media is a key player in the globalisation movement.

From the Periphery to the Core

The worrying thing for Aussie investors is that our market is simply not pricing in any negative outcome from the trade war. There is nothing, it seems, that lower interest rates can’t do.

March Quarter Monetary Madness

Who needs a strong economy to generate ‘wealth’? The message from this quarter is that a weak economy, supported by aggressive central banks, is all that’s necessary to boost your portfolio.

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