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The ASX doesn’t move in isolation. Frequently we see sell-offs in the US stock market lead to sell-offs on the ASX. We cover recent factors driving the performance of the ASX include things like Brexit, the Federal Reserve interest rates, and commodity prices. Here you can find our coverage of global markets, usually related back to the Australian stock market. We include snippets of world market news with analysis to paint the picture.

We also look at major movements in currency markets (forex) for clues about which way global markets are heading.

This includes the Aussie dollar in relation to major crosses such as the USD, the GBP, the JPY, and the CNY.

We discuss movements in bond markets as low interest rates force investors to search for yield.

Occasionally we will talk about emerging markets too, as trends here can tell us more about global growth.

So when we talk about global markets, whether that be the Chinese economy (which is increasingly debt laden), the US market or even the ailing Japanese and EU markets, we aim to cut through the typical narrative.

We are contrarian because investing with the herd often leads to poorer returns.

What’s the relationship between the ASX and global markets?

Sometimes action is sector specific.

For example, when the US tech sector gets pummelled Aussie tech stocks frequently also decline.

But broad-based moves, driven by trade war/deal developments, also sweep up ASX-listed stocks in their wake.

What is The Rum Rebellion’s perspective on global markets?

We present a variety of views on global markets at The Rum Rebellion.

Not all our editors think alike.

But what you can be certain of is that we are not an establishment media outlet.

We all agree that globalisation has left many investors empty handed — hoodwinked by low interest rates and technocratic manipulation.

To make our point, we use informative charts and profiles of major companies.

We aim to dig beneath the surface and go behind the headlines that you will find in mainstream financial news outlets.

By following our coverage here, you can understand major trends in global markets as well as any warning signs (or opportunities for profit) we spot along the way.

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