Is This It? Do You Stay or Go?

The most known of knowns in financial markets is the China Evergrande Group debt crisis. Will it or won’t it be allowed to fail? Will this be the modern-day Lehman Brothers moment?Markets are pondering these…

Career Elite, Old-Fashioned Crime

You raise money from friends and family. You ‘invest’ it in the highest-flying, fastest-moving tech companies on the market. If they go up, you become rich and famous. If they go down, well…it wasn’t your…

The Tide Is Turning Australia

We interrupt Australia’s slow-motion descent into medical fascism to report on a big story from China. Greg Canavan reported on the looming collapse of property developer Evergrande last week.

Dreaming of Retirement?

To participate, people had to have at least US$100,000 in investable assets. And, on average, these investors had saved around 16.6% of their annual income for retirement.

Crypto Conundrum

So far, going online and buying cryptos has proven to be about the best move you can make. The brand-name leader, bitcoin, rose 340% over the last year.

The Dud Sub Deal

The government have announced a deal on nuclear submarines in concert with the US and the UK. It’s a good move and the start of what I hope is a nuclear industry here in Australia.

The Rum Rebellion