Commodities are a vital part of the Aussie economy. And commodity stocks are heavily represented in the Aussie market, especially at the speculative end. The Rum Rebellion looks at commodities for money making opportunities, and to also show you what commodity prices are saying about global economic growth and the health of the Chinese economy.

When China slows, commodities take a hit. That has an impact on Australia, and flows through to the stock market and interest rate considerations. So we analyse commodities from a ‘holistic’ perspective, as well as highlight the individual opportunities when they arise.

Commodity Markets Say…

Well, you’re probably not surprised to hear that commodities in general are happy recipients of the central bank sponsored global surge in liquidity we’ve seen so far in 2019. 

For Gold, This Time It’s Different

Physical gold is the only safe haven monetary asset that is not debt. That is, it doesn’t come with counterparty risk. When central banks decide it’s normal to create money at will to ‘monetise’ existing…

Iron Ore’s Last Hurrah

China’s ability to keep pumping out big bang stimulus programs is diminishing. It will likely be the last hurrah for Australia’s historic iron ore production and export boom.

Why This Is Bullish for Gold

What happened to gold’s safe haven status? In short, it’s because of US interest rates. Gold isn’t going to be a safe haven while inflation remains low and the Fed is on a tightening path.

The Rum Rebellion