ASX Market Updates

With the ASX looking increasingly volatile in a low interest rate environment, it is essential to stay up to date with the latest stock market news. But with more than 2,300 stocks on the ASX, it can be hard to sift through all the charts, data and announcements.

This is where The Rum Rebellion comes in.

In this section you can find all our ASX market updates. We look at the stocks that are making big moves and the sectors that are most critical to understanding the stock market. We look at gold stocks, iron ore miners, the energy sector to name a few – any sector that we think will give you edge.

The Latest ASX Market Updates, News & Announcements

We offer a different perspective here at The Rum Rebellion. You won’t get hype – just sound analysis that goes beyond the headlines. Investing is no either task either, so we try and get to the point quickly. We may be blunt at times, but by being direct we hope to cut through the flack so you can make informed decisions. By following our coverage here you could even latch onto a few portfolio gems, or avoid making a critical error.

Check out the latest ASX News, Announcements and Market Updates below:

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