Is It Enough to Plug the Gap

Dear Reader, Aussie stocks had one of their sharpest rises in history yesterday. The ASX 200 surged 7%. The expectation, and confirmation, of another massive bailout package from the government was behind the rally. Yesterday afternoon, the Morrison government unveiled a $130 billion wage subsidy package designed to pay the recently unemployed $1,500 a fortnight … Read More

Who Let the Virus out?

Dear Reader, In today’s Rum Rebellion, I’m going to give you a view on the virus that you likely won’t read anywhere else. I don’t really know what to make of it. But it’s interesting to say the least…and worth scrutinising. Before getting to that though, check out the following interview my mate Dan Denning … Read More

Special market update

Dear Reader In the note below, I write about what could drive the gold price up in 2020. But as I write, you also need to consider what could drive it down. On Friday morning, Aussie investors woke up to the news that the Dow Jones Industrial had fallen 10%, its biggest one-day fall since the … Read More


Markets crashed last night. The Dow fell 10%. The S&P 500 and the NASDAQ fell around 9.5%. Gold outperformed, but still declined nearly 4%. Thanks to a falling Aussie dollar though, AUD gold actually finished the session higher, at $2,530 an ounce. I’ll have more on AUD gold in a moment. First, let’s continue with … Read More

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