Rum Rebellion Editor

Fires Expose Green Folly

Green Folly closed forest tracks and gates, expelled foresters and timber workers and prevented property owners from removing flammable fuel from their own land and adjacent roads, parks and forests. Those responsible for these follies…

Put Foresters Back in the Forests

There was a time when Australian foresters kept Australian forests safe and productive. They maintained access tracks bridges and fire breaks, undertook prescribed burning, cleared flammable litter from the forest floor, cut suckers, manned fire…

National Parks are Bushfire Havens

Too many recent headlines say: ‘A fierce new bushfire is burning in the XYZ National Park. Nearby residents should prepare to evacuate’. Neglected, overgrown, weed and log infested, un-grazed, unburnt, government-protected parkland is a danger to all neighbours. All it needs is a firebug, a fearful neighbour attempting a too-late back burn, or a lightning … Read More

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