Greg Canavan

Greg Canavan approaches the investment world with an ‘ignorance is bliss’ philosophy. In a world where all the information is just a click away at all times, Greg believes we ingest too much of it. As a result, we forget how to think for ourselves, and let other people’s thoughts cloud our own. Or worse, we only seek out the voices who are confirming our biases and narrowminded views of the truth. Either situation is not ideal. With regards to investing, this makes us follow the masses rather than our own gut instincts. At The Rum Rebellion, fake news and unethical political persuasion are not in the least bit tolerated. It denounces the heavy amount of government influence which the public accommodates. Greg will help The Rum Rebellion readers block out all the nonsense and encourage personal responsibility…both in the financial and political world.

Buy the Dip? What Dip?

History tells you that this is a dangerous time for investors. We know it will end in tears, we just don’t know when. There are two risks smart investors need to consider. The risk of…

Here Comes the Fear

Is this the start of the fear? This is what happens when stocks levitate on hope and central bank promises for so long. When the music stops, panic sets in immediately. That’s because most of…

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