Cory Bernardi

As a member of the Liberal Party of Australia for over 30 years, Cory fought to support Sir Robert Menzies’ vision of stronger families, fostering free enterprise, limited government and supporting civil society for the ‘forgotten people’.

He is currently Chairman of the Bernardi Family Investment Office and provides regular current affairs commentary on Sky News Australia and other media outlets.

The Dud Sub Deal

The government have announced a deal on nuclear submarines in concert with the US and the UK. It’s a good move and the start of what I hope is a nuclear industry here in Australia.

Crimes Against Insanity

Rogan’s crime against insanity was to say he recovered in three days after taking monoclonal antibodies, Ivermectin, Z-pak, prednisone, and an IV vitamin drip.

COVID Conquered by Christmas — Political Spin On Coronavirus

By Cory Bernardi Editor, Cory Bernardi Confidential Adelaide, Australia The political spin surrounding coronavirus is changing. Here’s why COVID could be ‘conquered by Christmas’. We should all be happy that some sense is entering the crazy COVID discussion. Naturally, common sense doesn’t hit everyone all at once, but those familiar with the spin-doctoring of our … Read More

The Rum Rebellion