Poor Nations Lead the Way

We’ve heard so much about the inequity of the vaccine rollout, and how the poor nations are being preyed upon by wealthy nations, that it must be true.

I mean, if it wasn’t, why would the media persist in the narrative that the wealthy West are a bunch of vaccine hoarders causing death and mayhem in the third world?

As with so much of the COVID saga, the facts don’t support what we’re being told. Here are a few inconvenient ones for the global catastrophists.

For the following data I’m indebted to Alex Berenson, who writes an excellent substack and has been banned from Twitter for exposing the worst of the COVID lies by governments and media.

Here are Berenson’s charts of some densely populated and poor nation’s COVID case rates that make for interesting viewing:

India Covid Cases Outlook

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Pakistan Covid Cases Outlook

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Bangladesh Covid Cases Outlook

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Indonesia Covid Cases Outlook

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Remember, these are not highly-vaccinated countries. These are some of the nations we’re continually told we are cruelly denying vaccine access to.

Berenson notes:

It’s almost as if Covid-19 infection waves have a predictable natural course over a two- to three-month period — a sharp rise and nearly equally sharp decline.

It’s almost as if the virus then disappears as many, many people gain natural immunity — including many younger people who never knew they were infected at all because the coronavirus is barely dangerous to them.

This is the natural cycle of epidemics as whatever contagion claims those most vulnerable, while those left develop natural antibodies that provide a strong level of future protection.

However, when that natural cycle is disrupted with experimental treatments (that don’t fulfil the traditional definition of vaccines), things aren’t as predictable.

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Contrast the above images with the highly-‘vaccinated’ United Kingdom. 

Deaths attributed to COVID there are lower than at the peak. However, they seem to be on the rise again, and the new case load remains stubbornly high:

United Kingdom Covid Cases Outlook

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It’s as if the vaccines aren’t working. Some might suggest they’re actually making things worse.

It’s only natural that a ‘vaccine’ that only offers limited protection interferes with the process of developing natural immunity within the community.

The real question is if they do further damage over and above that… 

That’s something for others to debate, but I’m pretty sure the UK data will be used to further justify the rollout of booster shots.

After all, an endless cycle of jab after jab after jab is the only thing that will keep the rivers of money flowing into Big Pharma and the population thinking the government is saving them from hell on Earth.

Enjoy your weekend.


Cory Bernardi,

For The Rum Rebellion

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As a member of the Liberal Party of Australia for over 30 years, Cory fought to support Sir Robert Menzies’ vision of stronger families, fostering free enterprise, limited government and supporting civil society for the ‘forgotten people’.

He is currently Chairman of the Bernardi Family Investment Office and provides regular current affairs commentary on Sky News Australia and other media outlets.

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