Showing You This Is ‘Commercial Suicide’

Last Friday, Greg Canavan released a very timely piece of investment intelligence.

It’s to do with China and your investments.

If you’ve been following the train wreck inside China’s credit system. And been watching as our relationship with our biggest trading partner continues to disintegrate…

You should know how this is going to cause havoc on some Australian investment portfolios in 2022. You can read the full report here.

But I’d also like to preview some even more important research that we’ll be publishing this Friday.

This one, I’m predicting, is going to make some serious waves.

It concerns the end of this ‘everything bull market’.

And it comes from another Rum Rebellion editor, Vern Gowdie.

It’s based on a simple premise:

When this ‘Everything Bubble’ bursts, it’ll push the
pandemic off the front pages…

Hard thing to picture, right?

Seems like nothing short of a nuclear war could possibly do that.

That’s why the end of this insane boom is so easy for most to dismiss.

And why people like Vern and Dr Michael Burry — the guy immortalised in The Big Short — get so much flak when they call it:

The greatest speculative bubble of all time in all things. By two orders of magnitude.

Now, you’ll be well aware that Vern has been calling time on this bubble for a while now.

So, what’s new?

Why should you be worried now? This has gone on so long, what’s preventing central banks from keeping the plates spinning all through 2022?

What you’ll see on Friday is there are four specific alarms that have just gone from red to crimson.

They’re right there. Staring you in the face. But few people are paying attention.

All that matters now, according to Vern, are three things:

1) The timing.

2) The scale.

3) And what you do today to make sure you’re not caught on the wrong side of history.

It may sound hyperbolic.

But everything about this ‘Everything Bubble’ sounds hyperbolic.

That’s why so many people will not do the things Vern’s going to show you on Friday.

If you’ve a gut feeling all this has to end badly at some point, Vern is urging you to trust that feeling.

Your actions…or inactions…he says are going to have big consequences.

  • The money you have in the stock market…
  • The income you’re expecting in retirement…
  • The cash you have in the bank…
  • The wealth you have tied to property…
  • The ‘betting capital’ you have in things like cryptos…
  • The financial horizons of your kids…
  • The estate you’d like to pass on…
  • The security of any business you own…
  • Pretty much any cent of yours that’s ‘managed’ by someone else…
  • The things you rely on to make your life healthy, happy, and secure…
  • And anything of yours that can be taxed even more by a desperate, drowning government…

All of that is on the line.

HOODWINKED! Why Australia’s ‘miracle’ economy is a farce

More — right now — than at any time in your life.

According to Vern, we are now in the endgame.

The time for you to take action is diminishing.

Vern was an award-winning financial planner for 26 years.

But if he were in practice today, what he’s going to show you on Friday would be commercial suicide.

Nobody wants to hear that most of their ‘wealth’ was conjured out of thin air!

Or that it’s going to get turned back into thin air, unless they do something now.

The majority of clients would laugh, scratch their heads, or get angry. Then find a planner that tells them the next thing to buy…not what to sell.

But every bubble blows up.

Every debt gets settled — one way or another.

Unfortunately, those who ignore this basic fact will get what’s coming to them in time.

On Friday, Vern gives you a strategy to ensure this doesn’t happen to you.

I just wanted to make sure you were ready for it.

And now, to your regular Rum Rebellion


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