Crimes Against Insanity

Many of you may have heard of Joe Rogan.

For those who haven’t, he is a comedian, podcaster, and UFC commentator. As an indication of his influence, his podcast was bought by Spotify for a reputed US$100 million.

He has a huge audience and also had a positive COVID-19 test after feeling ill.

Rather than sit and wait to see if he recovers, which is the current medical recommendation, Rogan decided to become proactive with his treatment.

That’s when the numpties in the media and the outrage industry went crazy.

Rogan’s crime against insanity was to say he recovered in three days after taking monoclonal antibodies, Ivermectin, Z-pak, prednisone, and an IV vitamin drip.

The fake news industry went to town claiming he had taken a ‘horse de-wormer’ (Ivermectin). Ivermectin has been used on humans for decades, which makes these media shills either ignorant or negligent.

In discussing the media meltdown on his podcast, Rogan said:

Do I have to sue CNN? They’re making s**t up. They keep saying I’m taking horse dewormer. I literally got it from a doctor.

It’s an American company. They won the Nobel prize in 2015 for use in human beings. And CNN is saying I’m taking horse dewormer. They must know that’s a lie.

Multiple doctors told me to take it.

Unfortunately, the irrational response to individuals using Ivermectin isn’t confined to the crazies overseas. The mere mention of it results in the same manic response in Australia.

Last week I put ‘Ivermectin shall set you free’ on Twitter and it generated this response by a former PM.

Murdoch host Cory Bernardi continues to undermine vaccines by advancing the far-right conspiracy theory that dark forces are hiding the supposed real cures for COVID-19. On the same day we learned a NSW patient was hospitalised after taking ivermectin. Irresponsible & dangerous. 

Ivermectin Shall Set you Free

Source: Kevin Rudd (@MrKRudd) September 2, 2021

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Did you notice how the response projects implied intent (with no evidence) onto a very simple statement that contains no mention of dark forces, undermining vaccines or COVID-19.

His loathing of the Murdoch media also plays into his response and stems from his perception that they slighted him by calling out his prime ministerial failings.

Rudd’s quest to use the Murdoch media for his own benefit has been called out by many, including one of its former editors, David Penberthy. He wrote:

I said that Rudd sought me out as editor. That is an understatement. Rudd was incessant in his desire to engage with and use the media to realise his desire for power.

It’s an insight into the man Australia had as a prime minister and it also helps explain the pathology behind his current conduct.

As far as Rudd knows, I could have been talking about the effectiveness of Ivermectin’s use in treating scabies in Aboriginal communities, but he could only see dark forces and conspiracy.

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Truth doesn’t matter in the fantasy world of the left.

Everything that questions their narrative is declared a conspiracy theory of the political right in order to crush dissent. Everything they support is declared the unequivocal truth…until they change their mind that is!

It’s a shameful state of affairs but one that we have to tackle head on.


Cory Bernardi,
For The Rum Rebellion

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As a member of the Liberal Party of Australia for over 30 years, Cory fought to support Sir Robert Menzies’ vision of stronger families, fostering free enterprise, limited government and supporting civil society for the ‘forgotten people’.

He is currently Chairman of the Bernardi Family Investment Office and provides regular current affairs commentary on Sky News Australia and other media outlets.

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