My Must-Watch Interview with Cory Bernardi

The past 18 months have revealed deep divisions within Australian society, huge flaws in our political leadership, and weakness in our governance processes.

A long-running State of Emergency has suspended the constitution. You are no longer living under the freedoms that generations before us have taken for granted.

There are harsh restrictions on movement (between suburbs and state borders), and in Australia’s largest city, the government has denied tens of thousands of people the right to earn a living.

In Melbourne, the ‘lockdown’ might be over, but you cannot yet visit family because the State cannot track your movements.

It’s all for your own good, of course.

This brings me to an important philosophical point. Who is responsible for your wellbeing, the State, or you?

Different people have different views on this.

The classical Liberal view is that the State should have minimal involvement in our lives. Its role is to ensure that people’s basic rights are protected, and that people should take personal responsibility for their actions.

As Liberal thought progressed, it saw an expanded role for the State, which, among other things, involved looking after the elderly and vulnerable, and improving working conditions and wages.

No one would begrudge a civilized society’s attempts to ensure a level playing field and that all its citizens are looked after.

But as many predicted, at what point does the intrusion of the State end?

We are now at the point where health authorities in South Australia have forcibly removed hundreds of people (and their families) for attending a restaurant that ‘had cases’, and incarcerating them in a ‘medical quarantine’ facility.

Again, it’s for your own good, or so we are told.

But there are always trade-offs. No risk, no reward, as the saying goes in the investment world. Except we’re not allowed to discuss trade-offs. We’re not allowed to discuss suicides and other collateral damage from the State’s totalitarian response to this health crisis.

The establishment media certainly aren’t discussing it on our behalf. The supposed fourth estate — meant to hold those in power to account — are now their mouthpiece.

So I thought I’d talk about some of the issues that you certainly won’t hear about in the droning, daily press conferences that solemnly tell us about ‘cases’, and what you can and can’t do.

I recently caught up with former (reformed) politician Cory Bernardi to chat about what the hell is going on in Australia right now.

Cory’s a champion of free speech and small government, among other things. He speaks to a lot of the issues that The Rum Rebellion is all about. As I wrote three years ago when I started this project:

The Rum Rebellion humbly seeks to be a voice for liberty-seeking citizens of Australia, guarding against both government encroachment in our lives and corporate chicanery.

It is in this spirit that I chat with Cory. Please click on the image below to watch. I think you’ll really enjoy it.

If you like Cory’s stuff, you can sign up to his free weekly letter here. As he writes:

We all know that government isn’t our friend.

The politicians care more about themselves than they do about us.

That’s why we all need to cut through the political spin and understand what is really going on.

Let’s start here…I hope you enjoy my chat with Cory Bernardi…

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