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For your entire life, income from savings was ruled by the banks.

Bank-based ecosystems, with their centralised architecture, took your money and decided how much to give you back in return.

That’s changing.

You’ve heard people are now earning income from cryptocurrencies.

That this income, in many cases, beats anything you can get from a bank account — many times over.

And you may be aware that these income solutions — based on blockchain networks — have kept working regardless of all the selling in cryptocurrencies recently.

But how do you do this, exactly?

What are the beginner strategies for crypto income?

Ones that don’t require you to have lots of money, or an in-depth knowledge of cryptocurrencies?

We have some answers. Read on…

‘Staking’ is the big new buzzword.

This is a new way to passively grow your savings — sometimes at incredible rates of return. This last year has seen some staking programs offer thousands of percent in annual percentage yield. That is not an error. Although, as you would expect with crazy rates like that, many such projects have very big risks attached to them.

There are easier, lower-risk ways to earn passive income from idle crypto assets. And they work whether it’s a crypto bull market or bear market.

Later this week, we’re releasing a new guide to help you do this.

It walks you through what our crypto strategist Ryan Dinse believes is the best way for beginners to get started in this new field.

And it couldn’t come at a better time…

An escape ladder out of low-interest rate purgatory

Australians are likely going to be stuck in a low-interest rate world for years.

As you probably know, the US Federal Reserve is the main kingpin of the traditional financial system. It holds sway over the level of global interest rates. And its policy for the last decade has been pretty stark and consistent: close to zero.

Other central banks, including ours, have been forced to follow the Fed’s lead. If you try and break away, you’re punished with an overvalued exchange rate…and the stymied growth that comes with that.

That means next-to-nothing interest rates.

Whether that’s suited to local economic conditions or not.

It’s a world we’ve been in for what seems like forever.

The trend towards centralised control over the monetary system grew strongly over the 20th century…and has led us to where we are right now.

We saw the birth of the Fed in 1913, FDR’s first moves off the gold standard in 1933, and the post-Second World War rise of the US dollar as the dominant global currency. This process accelerated with the final death blow to the gold standard under Richard Nixon in the 1970s, paired with the start of a new petrodollar regime. Each change cemented control of money and the financial system into fewer and fewer hands.

But our zero-interest rate purgatory started with ‘legendary’ Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan and his famous ‘Greenspan Put’, where interest rates were zeroed-out with every financial market shock. Then came Ben Bernanke’s quantitative easing policies — which have been doubled down on yet again during the pandemic.

As the Australian Financial Review writes:

Fed monetary policy has overdosed financial markets. It now must hope it can wean markets off low interest rates, raising them gently so as to avoid a repeat of the last attempt to raise rates, in 2018. Until this happens, the world is stuck with interest rates that are too low, distorting asset prices, financial decisions, and wealth distribution.

You’re also stuck with a paltry return on your savings.

But — as you’ll see when we release a new ‘how-to’ guide later this week — we’re sitting at a crucial crossroads.

The future of money — both the global power that controls it, and how much you earn from saving it — is at stake.

If the central powers win, the 100-year morphing of capitalism into statism will be complete. A complete nightmare for free-thinking people.

Luckily, free markets are fighting back…

A plucky band of technologists, cryptographers, economists, and early adopters have spent the past decade creating an alternate system that is currently operating in tandem with the old one.

This new world of money — and income — is built on the principles of free markets and individual rights.

It’s gaining mainstream acceptance at a lightning-fast pace.

It’s been relatively unaffected by the recent contraction in cryptocurrency prices.

And it’s creating new avenues for earning income…just as the old, centralised ones are being closed off.

Of course, there are new risks to be aware of in this alternate economic model. Your guide later this week will cover the main ones.

I should strongly stress if I haven’t been clear enough already: What we’re about to show you isn’t the same as putting money in the bank. Although conceptually, it is attempting to be just that.

But the possibilities opening up here
are now too big to ignore…

Right now, the very best bank savings rates in Australia give you between 1% and 3%. And even those are only available to you if you’re under 24 years old!

Later this week we’re going to show you a simple three-part strategy that can instantly have you earning many times that. And those rates could continue to climb when you employ slightly more nuanced strategies.

Now, this is the crypto world, so those rates vary wildly from week to week.

That’s something to factor in.

Some of these advanced automatic income strategies…the ones that get you 50%-plus…even the Wall Street pros are still trying to get their heads around.

So this is by no means without risk. That’s why we call this ‘speculative saving’. At least for now.

But think of the alternative — 0.4% a year from Westpac, provided you deposit money each month?

As I say, we’re about to share with you the simplest, lowest-risk crypto income strategies on offer right now. Where you absolutely smash those ‘old-game’ returns. And where you are the complete controller of your passive income.

Keep an eye out for when we publish the new guide later in the week.


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