Old Adage Was Public Servants Work For You — You Work For Them Now

The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it.

All tyrannies rule through fraud and force, but once the fraud is exposed they must rely exclusively on force.

The people will believe what the media tells them they believe.

In a time of universal deceit — telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that these quotes by George Orwell make him a textbook libertarian. But in fact, he was a committed socialist.

He had a privileged upbringing. Educated at Eton, he was part of the British establishment. He helped administer the Empire, joining the civil service in Burma.

But he rejected it and considered himself a ‘democratic socialist’.

Like most people seduced by socialism, Orwell believed it would work if only done the ‘right way’.

But all forms of socialism tend towards outright tyranny. Every individual whim is subjected to the ‘state’ (which is really just a bunch of individual tyrants telling everyone else what to do). What starts out as a quest for a classless society and egalitarianism ends with forcing equality at the end of a gun…or a needle.

The French Revolution overthrew the tyranny of the monarchy and replaced it with the Red Terror, as the revolutionaries turned on themselves with liberal use of the guillotine.

The Bolshevik Revolution ended up with Stalinist totalitarianism and tens of millions dead.

Most of us don’t know it yet, but Australia is on a path to communism.

We have handed over the running of the country to a bunch of unelected health bureaucrats, and they are destroying it.

Modern Australia was built on the foundations of classical liberalism. At the same time as we were emerging from our convict-based economy, we imported the ideas and the thinkers that were emerging in Britain at the time. The ideas of Cobden, Mill, Bentham, Spencer, and Gladstone (to name a few) were discussed, debated, and worked into our founding constitution.

The general gist was that Australia would operate on the basis of these classical principles: the rule of law, the protection of private property, economic freedom, free trade, limited role of government, free speech, a free press, religious freedom, and the primacy of the individual to act in their own best interests and take personal responsibility for their actions.

The key role of government was to ensure that when individuals acted in their own self-interest, they didn’t harm others’ interests at the same time.

Different liberal thinkers had different views on how much the state should intervene to safeguard the vulnerable and ensure a relatively egalitarian society existed.

Australia benefited from the fact that most immigrants in the mid-to-late 1800s rejected Britain’s class divisions and prejudices. Given the immense material wealth of the land (given the capital to develop it), this ensured Australia was both very wealthy and shared this wealth better than nearly any other economy in the world at that time.

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Almost from the start, socialists have tried to destroy this idea of a society based on individual freedom and responsibility. Their designs of utopia would be so much better if only it was ‘done this way’.

But the liberal tradition prevailed. It built an incredibly prosperous and resilient nation that succeeded despite the increasing deterioration of its political and ruling class.

In recent decades, as money has become ‘easier’, standards have slipped.

We’ve turned a blind eye to increasing political and bureaucratic incompetence because our house prices and super accounts have increased.

And those who’ve missed out turn to socialism…

And look where it has got us. Over 13 million locked in our homes based on an eradication strategy that will not work.

This insanity is best reflected in a tweet I saw yesterday:

Sydney registers 110 CV cases overnight after a record 84,000 tests. An infinitesimal 0.1% positive rate — unparalleled in the world. Yet Gladys warns harsher restrictions will be needed if numbers don’t drop. Priming us for lockdowns throughout August.

Yet, seemingly, most of us are OK with this. I blame the media’s incessant fearmongering. Instead of taking a rational approach and calling the government out for its freedom-destroying absurdities, the media play along. And as Orwell wrote, ‘The people will believe what the media tells them to believe.’

Look, I’ve got no doubt this is a dangerous virus for some people. But it’s not so dangerous that you need to shut down the whole economy, destroy the basis of a liberal economy, and vaccinate the entire population (including kids!) with an experimental vaccine with varying efficacy…

There are no easy answers to getting through this. You’re going to piss off some people no matter what you do.

But when times are tough, you lean on your principles and go from there.

That hasn’t happened in Australia. Liberal governments (LINOs — Liberal in name only) have sold out to opinion polls driven by fear. Morrison’s government is the worst. It stands back and allows state governments to destroy economies and then picks up the tab.

Instead, we’ve ignored the principles that made Australia great. We’ve allowed unelected health bureaucrats to take the least risky path for their own careers, not yours. They will destroy the small business sector to save themselves.

The old adage was that public servants work for you.

But that no longer holds. You work for them. You are to do what they say to give them the best chance of re-election and to increase their grip on power. It’s perverse.

And they’re doing this through the fraudulent claim that this virus is so dangerous to our society that you cannot leave your home. But more and more people are seeing through this fraud.

The only question is, will our ruling class back down or, as Orwell wrote, rely exclusively on force to promote their agenda?


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