Is There a Solution to the COVID Con? — The COVID Con

The Financial Review reports:

Sydney’s prolonged lockdown for an anticipated two months will cause the national economy to shrink in the current quarter and cost thousands of jobs according to economists, stalling momentum in Australia’s bounceback from the virus recession.’

Hey, it’s all for a good cause!

This Delta variant is a beast!

Recessions brought about by unwinding of excesses are necessary evils. They teach us valuable lessons.

But recessions brought about by fearmongering politicians and health bureaucrats are a tragedy. So much pain and loss that could have been avoided.

Just how bad is this Delta variant? Rebecca Weisser, writing in The Spectator, explains…

The Delta virus is ten times less deadly than the flu to Australians under 65, even unvaccinated, but who cares when the majority of Australians imagine that there is a 38 per cent chance they will die if they catch Covid. The fear factor is crucial. Who would line up for a potentially dangerous experimental vaccine of dubious efficacy if it weren’t presented as the only way out of the cuckoo’s nest in which we are held indefinitely at the government’s pleasure.

Why are people in ‘Greater Sydney’ (that includes me here in the ‘Gong, unfortunately) held hostage in their own homes by a virus that is less deadly than the flu?

And why is there so much pressure to have a vaccine so we can ‘get back to normal’?

None of this makes sense.

Clearly, our society has been infected with mass hysteria. That the majority of Australians believe they have a 38% chance of dying if they catch COVID is all the proof you need. It shows the government and media’s fear campaign has worked.

It begs the question though. Why is the mainstream media so willing to boost the government’s narrative?

Well, one way to look at it is that government is now Big Government. And Big Government is big business. Think of all the advertising dollars to be earned from spreading the government’s message. You’re likely to get a smaller piece of the pie if you’re running with a contrary narrative.

The other point is that once hysteria takes hold, it’s like a tide that sweeps all before it. COVID sceptics are conspiracy theorists. If you’re wary about taking an experimental vaccine, you’re an anti-vax whack job happy for your kids to get measles and whooping cough.

I advocated for personal choice in the matter on Twitter and got called a conspiracy theorist! Hilarious!

I also pointed out that we have managed to eradicate the flu in all of this.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, ‘There has not been a death certified due to influenza since late July 2020.’ You can see for yourself here.

This is remarkable because in 2019, there were 1,080 influenza deaths, or just over 4,000 if you include pneumonia.

How have we managed to eradicate this?

That’s a serious question. If anyone has an answer, I’d be glad to hear it.

The cynical answer is that we’re all being stitched up by the elites who have nothing but contempt for us plebs. Going back to Weisser’s article…

As early as February, when Pfizer was crowing about vaccine efficacy of 95 per cent, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla was studying boosters. After all, there’s no revenue stream in a one-shot vaccine that protects you for a lifetime.

At the same time, Dr Peter Doshi, an editor of the British Medical Journal, was raising the alarm concerning the data provided by Pfizer about their trial. Pfizer calculated its vaccine efficacy based on only 170 PCR-confirmed cases of Covid excluding 3,410 cases of suspected, but unconfirmed Covid-19. If these suspected cases were all Covid it would give the vaccine an efficacy of only 19 per cent. Yet the inability of Pfizer to be able to confirm in its trial whether participants did or didn’t catch Covid didn’t bother the regulators in the US, Australia or anywhere else. It was granted emergency use authorisation.

Yeah, that makes sense…

Corruption has become so endemic these days that it is barely noticed. And when it’s pointed out, YOU’RE the problem.

Which just goes to show how effective the sleight of hand is.

The root cause of all this, in my view anyway, is easy money. Money is just a representation of value. It’s a way for society to express the worth of your labour, whether that labour produces products or services.

When central banks can corrupt the value of money, and do so relentlessly without any meaningful pushback, the corruption seeps into all parts of society.

Corruption can take many forms. But what we’re seeing now is a form of corruption at the highest levels. EVERYONE has sold out. EVERYONE has bowed down to the (depreciating) dollar.

What you’re seeing around the world with the COVID con is just the manifestation of this.

Is there a solution?

Avoid groupthink, be honest with yourself…and buy gold and bitcoin…


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