Finance Democratised — Crazy Rise of Cryptocurrencies

If one finds oneself in agreement with a mainstream financial press headline, it’s generally not a good thing.

But very occasionally, it happens.

Last week Forbes warned:

‘Cryptocurrencies, NFTs & Another Rise Of Blockchain. Ignore At Your Own Risk.’

As head of Port Phillip Publishing — which publishes The Rum Rebellion Australia — I oversee a diverse range of investing approaches, ideas, and strategies.

Our analysis covers everything from small-cap stock plays to sweeping and often controversial macro trends forming on the horizon.

But nothing I’ve come across in my career of looking at ‘fat tail’ investment concepts has prepared me for what’s upon us right now.

Decentralisation…the shift in power away from those who have controlled and chipped away at your wealth for decades…is here.

Cryptocurrencies, and their crazy rise, are a symptom of it.

But they’re only the tip of the iceberg.

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To only focus on the relentless price record-setting of bitcoin and other digital currencies is to completely miss the bigger picture.

Even if you couldn’t give a hoot about cryptos…don’t understand blockchain…and have little time for ‘tech’ talk…this unstoppable trend is something you need to understand now.

Because it’s about to seep into every wealth area of your life.

For that reason, I’m initiating a STOP PRESS EVENT across all our email publications later this week.

This is your advance warning.

I believe the next couple of weeks could be one of the most valuable knowledge-gathering exercises you’ll ever be involved with.

Even if you’ve never bought a crypto in your life — and never intend to — this affects you

Cryptocurrencies as a whole are now worth almost as much as Apple.

People are spending tens of millions of dollars on ‘digital art’ at Christie’s.

A company called Coinbase — the largest crypto platform in the US — is the talk of Wall Street as it prepares to go public.

And people are flocking to new ‘DeFi’ products to get income on their savings the banks can’t provide.

And yet…even all this doesn’t quite capture the scope of what’s going on here.

This is a free market system that has developed in response to a corrupt and broken monetary system.

And this has profound implications for your wealth

Jack O’Holleran of Skale:

The power of these systems goes beyond DeFi. Marketplaces, social media, gaming: These can all be disrupted through decentralization. Ultimately, we want to democratize finance.

Antonio Juliano of dYdX:

The goal is really big. The financial system is the most permissioned, trusting system in the world. We can build something parallel in DeFi — small at first, but eventually, it could be more profitable to use DeFi because of better interest rates.

It’s time you made it your business to understand what’s going on.

And to make the right moves…before the mainstream…before this big scale up really gets going.

But only if you make it your business to understand it before most others do.

We’re going to familiarise you with some of these moves over the next few weeks.

You’re going to learn how it’s possible to get passive income from certain cryptocurrencies.

Interest rates of up to 30% in some cases (currently).

Now, these rates can vary wildly from week to week. They come with their own set of risks and conditions. This is by no means a like-for-like comparison to parking your money in a term deposit.

But have you seen term deposit rates lately?

You won’t get anywhere near 3%, let alone 30%, on your savings if you entrust them to a bank right now.

This on its own is reason enough for tuning in.

But, as I say, the trend to decentralisation is sweeping and vast.

It allows you to bypass the legacy financial system and all the parasites that clip your ticket in exchange for doing very little.

The trend to centralised control over the monetary system is not going to dislodge easily. It steadily grew over the 20th century.

But it IS starting to dislodge.

And, in doing so, it’s creating new opportunities in stock market investing.

In picking — right now — the new tech giants that will usurp the current ones.

In preparing for future crises.

In owning and trading gold.

Put simply: Understand this ‘new game’ now…before the masses…and you can become an early stakeholder. A stakeholder in a new ecosystem that strikes at the heart of power and influence in the world of investing, banking, and finance.

We don’t know EXACTLY where this is all going.

We just know this is a great development for humanity.

And there are already opportunities, right now, to invest in it early.

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James Woodburn,
Group Publisher, The Rum Rebellion

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