The Australian Government — You Get What You Deserve

Do you get the feeling something is brewing in the markets?

Me too. I’m just not exactly sure what it is.

But things are a little too quiet right now. I’m suspicious. Just a few days ago, the VIX Index (also known as the fear index) hit its lowest point in a year.

I wouldn’t say there is no fear. But I would say there is a lot of confidence in the ability of central banks and governments to bail us out of the mess they caused.

Hope springs eternal, I guess.

But just keep in mind who is running the show here…

Before we get to that point, let me remind you of The Rum Rebellion’s mission statement:

‘The Rum Rebellion is a uniquely Australian voice commenting on the nexus between money, stocks, politics and economics. We have a libertarian view of the world and believe in free speech, individual freedom and personal responsibility.

While we also believe in the virtues of free trade and sound money, we recognise that most of the world’s players don’t share this view. We therefore seek to tell you about how the world IS, not how we wish it to be.

As a libertarian voice, The Rum Rebellion believes in small government. It laments the increasing intrusion of government into our lives. In 2016, Australian government spending as a percentage of GDP hit a record high of 26.6%. That represents a huge misallocation of our resources.

For that reason, The Rum Rebellion is an outspoken critic of governments, government spending and politicians talking out of the corner of their mouths.

I should probably update those numbers. Thanks to the COVID-induced splurge (made worse by tyrant state governors peddling fear to get re-elected and having us taxpayers subsidise the economic damage that resulted), government spending is now much higher.

Is the Australian economy in danger of a Japanese-like economic winter?

Every self-interested party will say the government’s response was necessary. But in reality, it was over the top and resulted in a lot of waste. Our kids and grandkids will pay for it with inflation and lower living standards.

But that will all happen once the current crop of politicians are retired on lifelong taxpayer-funded pensions. So they couldn’t give a hoot about the long-term damage they are doing.

Which brings me to my point. Just who is running the show here? Who is it we are putting our faith in to get things right?

Just one look at the headlines dominating the political scene right now tells you we are run by a bunch of sociopaths. It doesn’t matter which party, with only a few exceptions, they are all a disgrace.

The big problem we have in this country is that politics no longer attracts the ‘best and brightest’. The place is a magnet for power-hungry sociopaths driven by ego and the desire for personal gain — either monetary or status.

Canberra is a town full of politicians, lobbyists and consultants, all on the teat of the taxpayer. Do you really think they’re acting in your best interests?

I mean, the initial response to COVID was designed to ease the pressure on hospitals. When the hospitals were empty, the lockdowns and border closures continued because the politicians realised the fear they could generate was a vote winner. They were ‘keeping you safe’.

And Scott Morrison was too gutless to stand up for the Australians impacted by the undemocratic ‘emergency laws’.

Meanwhile, you had a pathetic mainstream media reporting on every cough and sniffle, stoking the fear that an airborne killer was in the midst. On top of that, you only had to die ‘with COVID’, not ‘of COVID’ to make the death list.

And now because of the fear and hysteria caused, there is a need for ‘everyone’ to get a jab and protect themselves.

But the media don’t question why we need mass vaccinations against a virus that, according to UK government data, kills 0.02% of those infected with no pre-existing conditions in the ‘higher risk’ 60–69 age group. The media don’t tell you this is an experimental vaccine only, with testing not long enough to receive full, unconditional approval.

Or if they do, it’s in the fine print. Most are on board with the sociopaths running the place and are happily acting as their PR agents.

What we need from our leaders is debate and information, not spin. This is a very grey area. There are risks that need to be assessed for different groups of society. For some, the risk of infection and death is high, and they should consider vaccination. For others, the risk is nearly non-existent.

Craig Kelly, the former Liberal politician that dared to share scientific studies that questioned the government’s narrative, was effectively run out of Canberra by both sides of politics.

There’s a fair chance Kelly was acting on his conscience in distributing that information far more than the experimental vaccine cheerleaders. You have to ask, cui bono?

As the saying goes, a country gets the leaders it deserves. Is that true for Australia? I guess you can answer that for yourself. The more important question is, what can you do about it?


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Greg Canavan,
Editor, The Rum Rebellion

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