Life at Zero — The Stakes Have Never Been Higher for Aussie Investors

The stakes for Aussie investors have never been higher.

The economy is slowly getting back on its feet after its first recession in three decades…interest rates are at near-zero…and, for the first time in our country’s history, the Reserve Bank of Australia is pumping money into the financial system via QE.

And yet the ASX is near all-time highs…commodities have boomed…and mining stocks are beginning to outperform. (The ASX Mining Index is up 90% since its pandemic lows.)

What happens next?

What are the big risks to your money?

And how can you make the right decisions for you, your family, and your retirement at a time like this?

These are all questions Greg attempts to answer in his just-released investment event ‘Life at Zero’.

We released it yesterday to those who expressed an interest by signing up to a priority list (it’s always better if you confirm your interest by doing so).

You can access this video — you just need to let us know you want to watch it. You can do that through this link:


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It’s not just an invitation to subscribe to Greg’s investment advisory by the way.

You should get lots out of the content on its own, including his number one ‘value play’ stock to own right now. Again, go check it out.

Meanwhile, a lot has happened in the past week.

Specifically in the bond market.

While the US Fed and other central banks (including our own) have committed the world to near-zero rates until at least 2024, the bond markets are saying otherwise.

They are feeling inflationary winds blowing…and they want more interest for the risk they are taking.

What does this mean for the US and other major economies that have piled on mountains of debt this last year?

What does this mean for markets?

So much to talk about. And so that’s what Greg and I did.

Check out our discussion below:


And remember; access the full Life at Zero event right here.

Have a great weekend.


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Or worse, we only seek out the voices who are confirming our biases and narrowminded views of the truth. Either situation is not ideal. With regards to investing, this makes us follow the masses rather than our own gut instincts.

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