Sic Transit Gloria Trumpi: So the Glory Trump

‘He that did ride so high

‘Doth lie so low’

 As William Shakespeare should have put it

Poor Donald J Trump.

Is he dead? Or alive? Has anyone heard from him? Has anyone checked on him?

Heroes and rascals often get a grim reward. The Moabite leader, King Eglon, was murdered on his throne in about 1200 BC. Julius Caesar, hero of the Gallic wars, was stabbed to death in the Senate in 44 BC.

Marshall Ney, hero of the Napoleonic Wars, was shot by a firing squad.

Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr, John F Kennedy — the list of those assassinated is long.

And now…Donald J Trump feels the knife…

Torn apart

We saw Donald Trump do a lot of very dumb things, but we never saw him in a Ku Klux Klan outfit. And yet, now, he’s being branded a ‘white supremacist’. Here’s HuffPost:

‘How Biden Is Erasing Trump’s White Supremacist Legacy’

And how about this from MSN:

On his way out the door, Trump couldn’t resist one last bit of jaw-dropping racism

We read both articles. We found no evidence of racism or white supremacy.

But the victors write the history books. And The Donald lost.

And now…like a stag run to ground, he’ll be torn apart by the media hounds and stabbed in the back by his former friends and allies.

Oh Donald, what will you do?

Leaving your millions of fans behind, like Elvis taking his eternal toilet break?

Or will you take up arms against a sea of troubles…and start a new political party? Continue spreading discord and resentment?

You know the media still needs you. You are the Big Man…the clown…the freak it depends on to keep up its ratings. Will you find a way to exploit it…to stay in the limelight until the light itself finally goes out?


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But in the meantime, they’ve banned you from Twitter…de-platformed you…cancelled you…disappeared you!

And here’s Newsweek, telling us that they never want to see you again: ‘Nearly 60% of Americans Want Donald Trump Barred From Holding Public Office Again: Poll’.

A majority of Americans support preventing former President Donald Trump from holding federal office again, according to polling data released Monday by Monmouth University.

Ingrates! And after all Donald J Trump did for you…

Even die-hard MAGA fans are ratting out Trump in order to save their own skins. Here’s CNBC:

A Texas man charged with invading the Capitol and threatening Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said Monday that he was effectively following then-President Donald Trump’s orders when he joined a mob that stormed Congress on Jan. 6

…He said he would be willing to testify to Congress or a trial about the riot.

Clueless ignoramus

What a fabulous gift to the anti-Trumpers! Those lunk-headed Trumpistas. What numbskulls!

There, in an image seen by millions around the world, was a guy wearing horns…his face painted up…his expression blank, like a man fresh from a lobotomy…his outfit as preposterous as the whole ‘insurrection’.

There was the MAGA man in all his glory — a clueless ignoramus.

Now, the credentialised, malbec-drinking, New Yorker magazine-reading elites finally had their smoking gun…proof that The Donald’s supporters really were deplorable…and that they were right to look down on them…

Backward and stupid — undisciplined…untutored…there they were for all the world to see. Silly people.

They thought the First Amendment gave them the right to assemble and air their grievances — even during the COVID-19 crisis. They thought the Second Amendment gave them the right to carry firearms.

They clearly had not kept up with the times. They still worshipped Mary, as the ‘mother’ of Jesus…when everyone in the elite knew she should be referred to as the ‘parent’ of Jesus, whoever s/he was…

And they still referred to Mexicans as ‘Latinos’. We all know, now, that that’s ‘patriarchal’…the ‘o’ being a masculine suffix. They’re ‘Latinx’ now, with the ‘x’ as free from sex as a plastic Barbie.

These MAGA creatures — fresh from the hollows of Kentucky and the plains of South Dakota — just didn’t know any better.

They think a child born a boy ought to use the boys’ bathroom in school…but if he chose to use the girls’ bathroom, they wouldn’t make a federal case of it.

No special treatment

And, yes, these people are mostly white…but they don’t expect any special treatment for being in ‘communities of non-colour’…

They still think success in the US ought to go to the people who work hard…and get lucky, on their own merits…not because they get special privileges and handouts from Congress.

And as for the ‘communities of colour’, they’re smart enough to stay out of them after dark.

And oh yes, they’re sick and tired of those same Latinx folks sneaking across the border to take the low-paying jobs…

…while engineers, doctors, and scientists come from India and China to take the good ones!

These MAGA people — sad! — came to suspect that the elites weren’t on their side…that they were being disrespected…drowned in the swamp…

…that what the elites wanted was not to save the country, but to destroy it…

…and that they used their expertise not to serve ‘we, the people’, but to serve themselves.

All over

But now, those nitwits who rushed the Capitol…one by one, they’re being hunted down. Soon, they will be sent to Guantanamo, where they will be forced to listen to awful Latinx music day and night…

Their hero can’t pardon them now. He’s gone off stage…maybe permanently. The revolution is kaput.

The orange hair and makeup…Melania…the early morning tweets — it’s all in the past.

The Deep State…the establishment…the elites…the swamp critters — they won.

It’s over.

Or is it?

Stay tuned.


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Bill Bonner,
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