Fake Revolutionaries — A Pointless Attack on the US Capitol


‘You say you want a revolution

‘Well, you know

‘We all want to change the world

The Beatles

The media is having a field day — showing over and over again the cockeyed videos. A crowd of yahoos gets hotted up. They make a break for the Capitol…bust through the windows and doors…

And there they are. One man sits at Nancy Pelosi’s desk and puts his feet up. Another — with horns on his head…and tattoos on his naked torso — stands on the dais of the Senate.

And all over, they wander…aimlessly…pointlessly strewing papers and asking themselves…

…what the hell are we doing here?

Myth versus reality

An ‘insurrection!’ screamed the papers. An ‘invasion’ said the commentators. A ‘revolution’, said the analysts. ‘Pearl Harbor,’ opined Senator Chuck Schumer, surely losing his mind. ‘Domestic terrorists,’ insisted Joe Biden. ‘A coup d’état,’ said some other clown.

And onto the news channel came Michelle Obama, who let out that it was a ‘desecration’ of the Capitol.

Yes…there…she had managed to find the right nail and give it a whack. For the only significant damage was there — to the myth…

According to the propaganda, the US Capitol is the beating heart of American democracy. It’s where the peoples’ representatives get together to solemnly debate — with the golden oratory of Cicero and the unerring courage of Augustus — the important issues facing the American people.

They carefully weigh the pros and cons, the costs and the benefits, and put aside their own self-interests and bugaboos so as to come to decisions that benefit us all.

Of course, the story is fake. Congress is a collection of 535 self-serving hacks. With rare exception, they pass laws involving trillions of dollars (not their own money), written by lobbyists and cronies, without even reading them.

Few have any historical perspective. And no principles cling to them that would withstand a morning shower.

And then, in their latest tomfoolery, they disappear ‘mothers’, ‘grandmothers’, ‘aunts’ and ‘uncles’ from federal documents — as if they didn’t exist.

Selfie time

But Ms Obama is right. The Temple had been defiled. The holiest of holies…the St Peter’s Basilica for the US’ right-thinking true believers…mecca for its Democrats and Republicans…a revered shrine for summer visitors…

…its sacred walls were breached by a mob of left behinds (we have it on good authority that there were few hedge fund managers or professors of social policy studies in this unruly horde)…

And there they were, taking photos of each other so the feds can arrest them for criminal trespass, vandalism, treason, drug possession and whatever other charges they might stick onto them.

What a jolly time for everyone!

Tourist revolutionaries

And like almost everything else that passes for news or public affairs — no matter what your politics or perspective — it was a joke. A scam. The ‘revolution’ was televised, but like reality TV or professional wraslin’, it was fake.

These were no ‘terrorists’…no revolutionaries…no insurrectionists…

They were just a hopeless, low-IQ mob…clueless…aimless…and thoughtless…

Real terrorists would have come with bombs, gasoline…and a plan. They would have killed a few members of Congress and taken the rest hostage…or simply burned down the Capitol building.

Real revolutionaries would have a real revolutionary leading them…towards a real revolution. Donald Trump is no Vladimir Lenin. No Che Guevara. No Fidel Castro. No Maximilien Robespierre. He is no revolutionary at all.

Had he broken into the Capitol, he wouldn’t know what to do either…which he proved in the White House. For four years, he led a fake MAGA program…neither draining the swamp nor staunching the flow of wealth from the masses to the elite. Now, he’s the perfect person to lead a fake ‘coup’.

Real revolutionaries

Real insurrectionists don’t just stroll about the temple…admiring its lavish works of art and leaving papers on the floor. They destroy it.

Like Oliver Cromwell…using the Irish catholic churches as stables for his horses and latrines for his men. Like Solomon’s Temple, razed to the ground by the Babylonians in 586 BC. Like Sitting Bull at the Little Bighorn, leaving no one left alive.

And they don’t stop with the holy shrine.

In 1793, the city of Lyon, France, defied the revolutionaries. But it was soon conquered by them. Every house belonging to a ‘rich’ person was to be torn down.

And a real revolutionary rabble doesn’t content itself with acting like ill-bred tourists. It murders…rapes…hangs…burns…tortures…and loots.

Women are stripped and ravaged — in the streets. Men are gunned down, without trial…often just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Groups — blacks, Jews, the rich, catholics, gypsies, collaborators, counter-revolutionaries (almost any group you want) — are targeted for execution.

At the Badajoz massacre, at the beginning of the Spanish Civil War, for example, the revolutionaries held a solemn mass…and then murdered 4,000 local people who were still loyal to the government.

The mob in Washington on Wednesday held no mass. It didn’t intentionally murder anyone. It didn’t even massacre the Capitol police…or cut off the head of its commander (as the French revolutionaries did at the Bastille) and put it on a pike.

Nor did the barbarians violate a single fetching Democrat in the Capitol building…or even so much as set fire to a trash can.

Real insurrection

Finally, a real insurrection doesn’t happen when the stock market is at an all-time high…food is still abundant on the shelves…gasoline flows freely from the self-service pumps…you can get a mortgage at 2.5% interest…and the feds are still handing out money, which is still thought to have real value…

No, dear reader, we have a long way to go. The real revolution is still ahead. We are now only at the slippery, sloppy edge of our empire’s destruction, in other words.

There’s a lot more to come.

Stay tuned…


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