It’s All a Lie: Aussies Should Be Outraged

Do you think you hit a certain age where you long for the ‘good old days’?

Will those in their youth now, look back in 30–40 years’ time and wish for a return to their good old days?

Well, maybe not 2020, but you get the point.

I don’t want to come across as naïve. I know corruption has been with us for a long time.

But the sort of endemic corruption and dishonesty that we’re seeing more and more of these days is depressing.

Yesterday the Financial Review reported on Qantas rorting the JobKeeker payment scheme:

Qantas workers are owed thousands of dollars in backpay after a court held the airline had been misusing JobKeeper in way that has meant it is pocketing parts of the wage subsidy.’

And it seems the entire Victorian Labor Party, and anyone else involved in the hotel quarantine debacle, has all of a sudden developed severe collective amnesia. No one can remember anything.

From The Australian:

Victorian Jobs Minister Martin Pakula says he did not know who took the decision to use private security guards in the state’s hotel quarantine program as Police Minister Lisa Neville says she learned of the decision only after it had already been taken.


Victorian Health Minister Jenny Mikakos says she does not know who made the decision to deploy private security guards to the state’s hotel quarantine program.

In her statement to the hotels quarantine inquiry on Thursday, Ms Mikakos said she did not become aware of the use of private security guards until an outbreak at the Rydges hotel in late May.

Asked in writing by the inquiry who made the decision to engage private security contractors, she said: “I was not part of any decision-making process to use private security contractors in the HQP. I do not know who made this decision.”


Seriously, the level of contempt business leaders and politicians have for you is astounding.

If you tried to pull any of this stuff in everyday life you’d either be in jail or beaten up.

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The latest horror show…

And yet, the Andrews Government continues to show contempt for its citizens, and democracy, on a daily basis.

The latest horror show to come out of the state is the proposed COVID-19 Omnibus (Emergency Measures) Amendment Bill. As Robert Gottliebsen writes in The Australian:

In short, the bill, among many other weapons, empowered the government to recruit an unlimited number of “designated authorised officers” with widely defined “appropriate” skills and to give them the power to arrest and jail citizens if they were ”likely” to commit an offence.

The Spectator broke the news on 18 September. But it was Gottliebsen’s article earlier this week that drew a response from the legal community, with 18 QCs putting their name to a letter that opposed the bill.

One legal figure wrote directly to Gottliebsen:

The ability to protest has been physically shut down, using the police force that he controls.

The fines for objecting are crippling — and now summary arrest and indefinite detention, over riding the Magna Carta given right of Habeas Corpus, is upon us.

A version of the Stasi (East German secret police organisation) is within sight.

Parliament has been shut down — ostensibly for health reasons but can be brought back to sit when it suits the dictator — to enable him to extend his power.

The necessary number of cross benchers have been stood over or bribed to become compliant.

The press seems largely compliant also — little hard questioning or criticism.

Edmund Burke said that ‘‘the only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.’’’

Yet, if we’re to believe the polls, Victorians support Dan Andrews!

Australians should be outraged

Look, you may object to the political subject matter that sometimes overrides the topic of money and economics in The Rum Rebellion. But I make no apologies. Read our mission statement!

If you’re happy to let this stuff slide, you’ll have no economy to speak of, a rigged stock market and a deeply crony capitalist society magnitudes worse than we have now.

All Australians should be genuinely outraged at Andrews’ blatant dictatorial grab for power. Moreover, we should be ashamed of the lack of principles of our political leaders. Has Scott Morrison called this out? Is it not the responsibility of the leader of one of the world’s great liberal democracies to ensure it stays this way?

They’re all sell-outs. A slave to the polls and to the power they think that gives them.

At a time when Australia needs leadership and direction like never before, our political class have let us down completely.

This isn’t unique to Australia though. It’s happening all over the world.


This is where money comes into it.

I’ll take up the issue on Monday. Dan Denning is on holiday. So I’ll see you then.

Have a great weekend!


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