COVID-19 is the Most Politicised Pandemic in History

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I wonder if Australians and their weak-kneed leaders understand just how vulnerable we are.

Our largest trading partner, the source of much of our wealth and economic prosperity over the past two decades, is a hostile enemy intent on crippling us.

China has already taken aim at our beef and barley industries. Now it’s attacking our wine exports. From the Financial Review:

China’s alcohol industry is alleging that Australian winemakers flooded the market with cheap wine at a “dumping margin” of more than 200 per cent over five years, which crippled domestic growers whose sales slumped by almost 70 per cent.

A submission by the China Alcoholic Drinks Association, which was the basis for China’s anti-dumping probe, said Australian wine imports into the country doubled over the past five years but the price of wine fell only 13.4 per cent in the same period.’

Australia’s wine exports into China (in the year to March 2020) were $1.1 billion. It’s not small change.

What’s next?

China has already told its students not to come to Australia because we’re racist.

It’s already easing off on coal imports and encouraging lower-quality domestic production.

The biggest threat though, is to our iron ore exports. China can’t do anything about that. It needs our ore to make steel to continue adding unnecessary capacity to its broken economy.

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But it’s making plans to buy much less of it by developing massive iron ore mines in Africa. The clock is ticking on the huge profits companies like Rio Tinto, BHP and Fortescue are making on their current iron ore production.

I outline all these risks and more (and how you should position your portfolio for it) in this report. The China threat isn’t just a fleeting issue. The Communist party is getting increasingly belligerent. And its leader, Xi Jinping, is becoming increasingly dictatorial.

From The Australian:

A senior ally of Chinese leader Xi Jinping called for a Mao-style purge of China’s domestic-security apparatus last month, saying it was time to “turn the blade inwards and scrape the poison off the bone.”

The cleansing commenced swiftly.

Within the first week after the call to action, Communist Party enforcers had launched investigations into at least 21 police and judicial officials, according to a media tally cited by the party’s top law-enforcement commission. Dozens more have since been taken down, including the police chief of Shanghai, the most senior target thus far, and cadres who have won awards for good performance.

Drawing inspiration from Mao’s campaigns, Mr. Xi’s effort features heavy doses of ideological training in addition to disciplinary investigations. According to guidelines issued for a trial program set to run through October, participants must uphold Mr. Xi’s authority and fortify their minds by studying his speeches on governance.’

Great. Our largest trade customer takes its inspiration from Chairman Mao, who’s ‘Great Leap Forward’ led to the death of tens of millions of his own people.

Don’t worry though. PM Scott Morrison says ‘we will never trade away our sovereignty in Australia on any issue.

Which is strange, because yesterday he threw your sovereignty as individuals to the dogs by saying he’d like to make a COVID vaccine mandatory.

Good luck with that, Scomo. I think you’ll find a good deal of Australians will tell you to shove your vaccine where the sun don’t shine.

Bizarrely, the government has struck a deal (or so it says) with global pharma giant AstraZeneca to buy 25 million doses of the fast-tracked and as yet unproven vaccine. Morrison is using you as guinea pigs. This is a no-liability vaccine. Take it at your own risk.

When a liberal government wants to coerce you into taking a new vaccine, you know just how much this country has lost the plot.

What happened to individual choice and individual responsibility, the bedrock of liberal principles?

We have lost the ability to think rationally and critically

Yes, we are required to vaccinate our kids against truly dangerous global diseases. And nearly everyone recognises that it is the right thing to do and complies.

But COVID-19 is the most politicised pandemic in history. Authoritarian governments are using it as a smokescreen to impose their authority and ideology.

For example, there is a lot of evidence to show that lockdowns don’t work. Yet in Victoria, we have the harshest lockdown in the world. Dan Andrews will never acknowledge he could be wrong. He’s in too deep.

All the clown had to do was go as hard as possible in protecting the elderly and most vulnerable and empower the people to make their own decisions on the risks they were willing to take. Doing so would not have avoided deaths (as it hasn’t under lockdown) but at least it wouldn’t have destroyed lives, livelihoods and the economy.

Instead, we have millions under house arrest, fighting a foe that, if we’re being honest, isn’t a dangerous as the hysterical media is telling us. That’s not to say it isn’t serious. But the damage being done by politicians is far worse than the virus itself.

In the past six months, COVID has claimed 450 deaths. That’s the official number. But it’s also people dying with COVID, not necessarily due to COVID. At this rate, we’re looking at less than 1,000 deaths this year. And that could be overstating things.

As Ross Cameron writes in The Spectator:

But every day about 450 Australians die of natural causes, including about 150 in nursing homes. Every day about 136 Australians die from cancer; about 48 Australians die of heart disease; and about 10 Australians commit suicide. Depending on its severity, in some years more than 1,000 Australians (or three a day) die from influenza. Yet there aren’t normally breathless news bulletins reporting the deaths of very old people in nursing homes; nor have people ever before been placed under virtual house arrest, the economy ever all-but-closed, or government spending ever approached wartime levels to protect us from a virus that leads to the death of people with a median age of 80.

We have lost the ability to think rationally and critically. We swallow up whatever the media — who just republish bureaucratic press releases and trade on the currency of fear — feed us.

As long as we have Netflix to binge on, Amazon to buy from and our government to take care of us, we’ll be fine.

We have become a nation of idiots.


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