Is Coronavirus a Political or a Health Issue?

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You may have seen a few emails over the past week promoting my special report on the economic and financial consequences of Australia’s ‘divorce’ with China.

For me, this is THE story of 2020. Yes, COVID was the catalyst. But it’s not the main game. It just got the snowball rolling.

If you understand that China has bankrolled Australia’s increase in wealth over the past few decades, then you’ll know that a severely weakened China poses a great risk to our ongoing prosperity. This is especially so at a time where the virus has exposed the fragile nature of our economy.

I know we send a lot of emails. And sometimes it’s annoying. But as an independent provider of financial advice and ideas, that’s how we survive.

We don’t sell anyone else’s services. We don’t sell third-party advertising. We don’t take ‘management fees’ or ‘trailing commissions’. We simply offer our ideas to you and hope you find them valuable.

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With that in mind, I’d greatly appreciate it if you could take a look at my latest report on China. It examines the impact of its fracturing relationship with Australia and just about every other major country in the world.

The news isn’t all bad though. In the report, I reveal one sector that did very well the last time China went into a downturn (roughly 2012–15). And as I showed my subscribers yesterday, this sector is trading at (AT LEAST) a near 20-year low relative to the market. I say ‘at least’ because the data only goes back to 2001.

So, thanks for taking a look and considering my Crisis & Opportunity service. For all this analysis and more, it will only set you back the equivalent of a carton of decent beer, or a couple of good bottles of wine. Which is crazy in my opinion.

Oh, and it will also help keep The Rum Rebellion free!

Which allows me to tell you about things that you certainly won’t read in the mainstream media. We don’t have to keep advertisers happy, so we can tackle controversial subjects. We survive only on your readership. And we don’t take that for granted.

Right now, hearing controversial views — whether it’s about the market, politics or this damn virus — is more important than ever. We are in an era where free speech is under attack. And I can prove it. Not that it’s necessary. I’m sure you see it everywhere too.

Do you remember a few weeks ago, I wrote an essay titled ‘Increased Fear = Greater Government Control’? You can read it here.

Responding to news about Anthony Fauci touting a potential new vaccine for this virus, I wrote:

Fauci is just a salesman for Big Pharma.

This virus vaccine is a potential gold mine for them.

Which is why they’ve done their best to shut down and ignore the evidence that there is already an effective treatment for the virus in hydroxychloroquine (HCQ).


…on 15 June, the FDA rescinded the emergency use authorisation of HCQ that it approved on 28 March. In doing so, it cited studies that have since proven to be false, or highly suspect.

Despite growing evidence that HCQ works, its treatment is still politicised.

You think I was being ‘conspiratorial’?

Coronavirus being used to promote fear

Well, a few days ago a bunch of doctors went to Washington and held a press conference. They discussed a number of facts about this coronavirus, most prominently the fact that it’s being used to promote fear, and that proven and effective treatments are being ignored.

Guess what?

It received almost no mainstream media coverage.

A colleague sent me a Vimeo clip from Breitbart News. I watched it, but by the next day it had been removed. It has been censored across social media. The tech tyrants only want you to see what they want you to see.

Tucker Carlson, working for the ‘evil Murdoch empire’ nailed it in his recent show. He rightly sees this as a political issue, not a health issue. When our elected officials are happy to play politics with your life, you should be very concerned indeed.

You can watch his monologue here. Here’s a taster:

Yesterday, the news site Breitbart posted a video of a group of physicians giving a press conference about medical advances in the fight against COVID-19. Some of the news that doctors delivered was hopeful because there is hopeful news to report.

Seventeen million people saw that video, the president retweeted it. This enraged Democrats.

Any scientific advancement that reduces the suffering of Americans in an election year is a threat to Joe Biden’s campaign. So they decided to pull that video off the internet.

This isn’t about public health, and it’s not about science. It never was. It’s about power. And no one in the history of the world has ever had more power than Google and Facebook have right now.

So we should have seen this coming. People with power abuse that power and people who have absolute power abuse it absolutely, as we learned.

What more can you say…


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Or worse, we only seek out the voices who are confirming our biases and narrowminded views of the truth. Either situation is not ideal. With regards to investing, this makes us follow the masses rather than our own gut instincts.

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