Tyranny against One of Their Own: Corporate Media is on the Side of the Swindlers

Dear Reader,

I finished off yesterday’s essay saying that when you give up your rights to government, you generally don’t get them back.

In the US, citizens (for the most part) are far more aware of this reality than we are here in ‘she’ll be right’ Australia.

That’s because our political histories are very different. The US fought a war for its independence. Australia’s only rebellion against its government (the Rum Rebellion) was a bloodless one.

It was about private enterprise versus government control. But in this case, ‘private enterprise’ was a side hustle of the NSW Army Corp, employees of the state.

When Governor Bligh tried to curtail this abuse of power, the army strongmen (John Macarthur among them) staged a coup.

Ahh…special interests trying to gain an economic advantage at the expense of others. How very Australian. This is why I named this daily missive The Rum Rebellion. It’s a nice representation of what Australia is still about.

Not surprisingly, those staging the coup were concerned about the effect of government policy on private property. At the time, Australia was a penal colony. Its economy was very basic. But economic development was on the mind of the entrepreneurial class and they wanted to accumulate property, with the threat of government control.

Property is still front of mind

Property is still on the minds of the entrepreneurial class, and just about every other class in Australia. Will it crash? Should you get out before the crash? Or is now a good time to buy?

You can have your opinions on those questions. After all, everyone in Australia seems to have an opinion on property. Not surprisingly, those opinions are usually determined by whether you own it or not.

But if you want a genuinely useful view, one that is informed by hundreds of years of data, have a listen to this video (and following report) by my colleague Catherine Cashmore. It’s fascinating. Only very few people have this information. You certainly won’t get it in the mainstream media.

Getting back to my original point, if you give up your rights, you don’t get them back.

But in the US, even if you don’t knowingly or willingly give up your rights, the government is ready to take them away. All you need to do is dissent or disrupt the plans of the special interests gorging themselves at the teat of the taxpayer.

And it’s a lot easier to do when you have a complicit corporate media on your side who will turn a blind eye to flagrant abuses of power.

When you allow vested interests to make the rules…

Which brings me to the case of Lieutenant General Mike Flynn.

If you don’t know about this case, well, listen up. It will shock you. This is what happens when you allow vested interests to make the rules and collude to ensure that when you break the rules, no one will know about it.

Flynn was accused of all sorts of treasonous acts, and was ultimately charged with lying to the FBI, a charge he plead guilty to. But as newly released documents show, the FBI set him up.

This is how Julie Kelly in American Greatness puts it:

He acted as an agent of Russia. He colluded with the Kremlin to rig the 2016 presidential election. He turned on his country by attempting to undermine U.S. foreign policy. He purposely misled the vice president. He had an extramarital affair with a Russian asset. He is a liar.

Those are just some of the accusations that have been leveled against Lt. General Michael Flynn for nearly four years. Flynn, a three-star U.S. Army general with tours in Afghanistan and Iraq, made the mistake of crossing the Obama White House; he’s been suffering the consequences ever since.

And the country he heroically served for decades, for the most part, betrayed him. From the U.S. Justice Department to the president of the United States to the federal court system to his own lawyers, Flynn has been deceived at every turn in what certainly is one of the most tragic miscarriages of justice in recent political history.

Last week, the judge presiding over the case ordered the unsealing of newly discovered (ie: no longer covered up) documents. According to a report in the Wall Street Journal:

In the handwritten notes, which are dated Jan. 24, 2017—the day of the Flynn interview [with the FBI]—the author writes: “What is our goal? Truth/Admission or to get him to lie, so we can prosecute him or get him fired?”

Why was Flynn targeted, and why did the FBI try to get him to lie in January 2017?

Flynn was head of the Defense Intelligence Agency under the Obama administration. His initial crime was to change the way the US conducted intelligence operations in the ‘war against terror’. This took much of the power away from the Washington intelligence chiefs.

As a result, according to the Washington Examiner:

He was essentially fired from the Defense Intelligence Agency by Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, who told him he should retire. This came on the heels of Flynn’s sworn congressional testimony criticizing the Obama administration’s failed Afghanistan policy. This showed, once again, that Flynn understood how badly we were doing, and would not collude with the intelligence community. Indeed, he intended to carry out an audit of covert funding since the creation of the Central Intelligence Agency (none has been done in all those years).

That last sentence is critical. Where does the CIA get its money? Believe me, no one in the Washington intelligence establishment wanted an outsider and patriot like Flynn to investigate that.

So he got the boot.

But Flynn wasn’t done. He started campaigning on behalf of Trump in the 2016 election. When Trump won, he made Flynn his National Security Adviser.

On his way out of the White House (before Flynn’s appointment), Obama warned Trump not to appoint Flynn. Trump ignored him.

So soon after Trump’s inauguration, the intelligence community targeted Flynn and took him out of the equation for more than three years.

For the details of how this happened, read the American Greatness article linked to above.

If this can happen to a four-star general, it can happen to anyone.

Because corporate media is on the side of the swindlers, none of this is reported in the mainstream media. This is what happens when you allow special interests to dominate for decades.

The US isn’t a capitalistic society. Its model is crony capitalism.

Special interests rule and the rest of us pay the bills…


Greg Canavan,
Editor, The Rum Rebellion

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