Who Let the Virus out?

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In today’s Rum Rebellion, I’m going to give you a view on the virus that you likely won’t read anywhere else. I don’t really know what to make of it. But it’s interesting to say the least…and worth scrutinising.

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Before getting to that though, check out the following interview my mate Dan Denning did with Rum Rebellion co-editor Vern Gowdie at the end of last week.

Dan writes the Bonner-Denning Letter along with Bill Bonner. Bill is the founder of Agora (owner of Port Phillip Publishing), and appears regularly in The Rum Rebellion.

Like Vern, Bill and Dan have been waiting for a pin to come along and prick this financial bubble for some time. Now that the pin has arrived, they discuss where things go from here.

While my views differ from Vern on the duration and severity of this downturn, that doesn’t mean I don’t listen to him. After all, Vern was telling anyone who would listen in January to get out of the market and into cash. It was great advice.

He predicted a 65% fall in the market. At the low last Monday, the ASX 200 was down nearly 40%. Have we got further to fall? Listen to the chat below and see what Vern’s saying now…

Righto, let’s move on to something more sinister.

I bring this up because I believe a free society absolutely must ask difficult questions to preserve its freedom. We must not just blindly follow the narrative we have been told to follow.

To do so, we must not assume that everyone acts with the same goodwill and intent that we do. We must be vigilant, and ask difficult questions. As David Samuel wrote recently in The Spectator:

Nearly 400 years ago the French rationalist and philosopher, René Descartes, invited us to always suppose that everything we thought we knew was, in reality, false; and that all we thought was true was an illusion created by ‘an evil genius’ whose sole purpose was to deceive and mislead us and to convince us of the truth of all that was untrue.

In modern times we seem to have forgotten the importance of Cartesian scepticism but it would surely serve us well to apply its principles to today’s events. We might then ask ourselves why should we so unquestioningly accept as truth the word of all the health officials and all the politicians of all the governments in the world who, remarkably unanimously, assure us that the outbreak of the new Coronavirus (Covid-19) was a natural occurrence?

Despite all the denials, could this deadly virus actually be man-made?  Even if it were not, and was a natural but dangerous pathogen merely being observed under laboratory conditions, could it have escaped from a research laboratory by accident or as a result of human error or negligence? Or, most sinisterly of all, could it have been unleashed on the world deliberately, perhaps only after it was realised that it had already escaped from the lab and perhaps, heaven forbid, as a test-run for something even more lethal?

Everyone knows that the virus started in Wuhan, China.

But not everyone knows that the Wuhan Institute of Virology houses China’s National Biosafety Laboratory, the only Level-4 biosafety lab in China.

Quite a coincidence, no?

Here’s another coincidence. In October 2019, in New York City, the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation hosted Event 201, a high-level pandemic exercise.

They role-played a pandemic, almost exactly predicting what is playing out now…nearly as the pandemic started in real time.

If you check out Segment 3 in this link, the discussion on finance is eerie. The role-playing exercise predicted an 11% decline in GDP at the one-year mark of the pandemic, and a 25% fall at the two-year mark.

Note above I mentioned that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation was involved. On March 18, Forbes published an article titled ‘Bill Gates Calls for National Tracking System for Coronavirus’.

A national tracking system? To control the virus obviously. But what happens when the virus goes? Does the tracking system go too?

File this under ‘the cure is worse than the disease’.

Look, I know Bill Gates is a benevolent multibillionaire who is working hard for humanity. That’s the image of him we’re given. But what if he’s not?

Either way, we shouldn’t blindly swallow the line that Gates has our best interests at heart.

Another coincidence is that in October 2019, the World military games were held in Wuhan. This is a weeklong sporting event, not a military exercise. China claims that infected US military personnel brought the virus to Wuhan.

They would say that though, wouldn’t they?

Still, it adds to the intrigue. So much going on in Wuhan…

Whatever the cause, the virus is real. It’s leading to immense economic and social pain around the world.

The absolute focus must be on ‘flattening the curve’, preserving lives and getting the economy (and peoples lives) back to normal as quickly as possible.

However, never forget the political saying that you should never let a crisis go to waste. That is, while people are scared and fighting for their lives and livelihoods, dark political figures use the chaos to promote schemes that will either enrich themselves and their allies, or shore up their power base for the future.

In all of this chaos, that’s worth remembering.

Until tomorrow…

Greg Canavan,
Editor, The Rum Rebellion
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