Capitulation Low…More Selling to Come?

Yesterday, Publisher James Woodburn issued a ‘Stop Press’ announcement. ‘Due to the historic recent market price action, we are ceasing the normal publishing schedule’, he said.

That means from today onwards, we’ll be sending you special updates on the unfolding market action.

To kick things off, we have a special video recording for you. In it, I’m joined by my colleagues Dan Denning and Shae Russell, to talk stocks, bonds, oil, and gold, amongst other things.

We recorded it yesterday morning, before the market opened. At the time, the ASX 200 futures suggested the market would fall another 5%.

But Aussie stocks only dropped briefly at the open yesterday. They then staged a strong rally. US stocks followed that up with a big rally overnight.

Given Monday’s almost capitulation selling, this does look like a short-term low to me. But clearly, with so much fear and uncertainty around concerning the economic impact of the spread of the coronavirus, it won’t take much for the selling to resume.

Whatever happens, we’ll be onto it for you over the next few days.

Our coverage will culminate in the meeting of the US Federal Reserve on 17–18 March. This is when we’ll know for sure what type of unconventional idiocy this famed central bank has in store for us.

For now, though, we hope you enjoy the chat below…

I’m sure after watching it you might have further questions. If so, we are here to answer them as best we can over the coming week. Do write in with anything you’d like us to address and we’ll try our best to get to all of them.

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