Climate Change and Bushfires: Who’s More Delusional…Folau or Bandt?

If the media storm whipped up by Israel Folau’s latest comments could be turned into an actual weather event, the bushfires would be extinguished and the dams filled.

Boy did he set them off.

In the very unlikely event you missed his comments, here’s how it was reported by the Sydney Morning Herald

Sacked rugby union star Israel Folau has linked the NSW bushfire crisis and drought to legalising same-sex marriage and abortion, warning the disasters are a “little taste of God’s judgment”.’

Friend and foe alike took aim at Folau.

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Peter FitzSimons (definitely not a fan of Folau) tweeted (emphasis is mine):

Where does one even begin? And at what point are we free to say the truth: Folau is in the grip of a tragic delusion, and may well need help?

And even one of Folau’s most ardent supporters, Alan Jones, told him to ‘button up’.

As much as it pains to me say it, I agree with FitzSimons. Linking the bushfires with the wrath of God is delusional.

A century or two ago, Folau could have gotten away with the ‘repent now or face the damnation of hell’ speech.

But not today.

Religion no longer figures as prominently in people’s lives. Belief in God is waning.

As reported by CathNews (a service of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference) (emphasis is mine):

According to National Church Life Survey director Ruth Powell recent figures showed a belief in God and church attendance were declining.

At 59 per cent, the proportion of Australians who say they believe in God or a higher power is the lowest it has been in the last few decades,” Dr Powell said…’

Even those who still believe in God, aren’t buying what Israel’s selling. He’s gone way off the reservation.

But what about the 21st century’s new religion? Are the pulpit-thumping preachers of the climate change sect just as delusional as Folau?

As reported by on 12 November 2019…

Greens senator Jordon Steele-John has branded major party politicians “arsonists” as the debate on climate change and its link to catastrophic fire risk heats up.’


Greens MP Adam Bandt has blamed the unprecedented bushfires and “catastrophic” fire risk across two states on climate change, and even suggested Prime Minister Scott Morrison is partly responsible due to the government’s lack of action.’

And then there was this tweet…

Adam Bandt Tweet Climate Change Bushfires 21-11-19

Source: Twitter

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Are these comments just as ill-informed as Folau’s?

You be the judge.

Climate Change and the Bushfires…

Is climate change a contributor to the bushfires?

If you actually believe in climate change, you could argue the hotter, drier conditions are a contributing factor to the bushfires.

According to the New South Wales Rural Fire Service, ‘1.5 million hectares had been burnt during the season so far.

That’s a lot of land. But our sunburnt land has experienced much worse.

This is from the archives of the State Library Victoria (emphasis is mine):

Widespread bushfires occurred in Victoria in early February 1851. The height of the destruction happened on Black Thursday, 6 February 1851.

Fires covered a quarter of what is now Victoria (approximately 5 million hectares). Areas affected include Portland, Plenty Ranges, Westernport, the Wimmera and Dandenong districts. Approximately 12 lives, one million sheep and thousands of cattle were lost.

Nearly 170 years ago, Victoria experienced bushfires that destroyed more than three times the land mass of the current bushfires.

How do you explain that?

Other than it’s just part and parcel of living in Australia, there is no external factor to blame on the 1851 bushfires.

Ah, but wait, the climate changers tell us the frequency is increasing.

If we go back a few years — to a time when climate change hysteria was not quite as hysterical — there was this report in the ABC News (our nation’s completely unbiased broadcaster) on 11 December 2015:

The vast majority of bushfires in south-eastern Australia are caused by humans, a new study suggests.

Bushfires with a known cause:

  • 47 per cent accidental (cigarettes, burn-offs, campfires, sparks from machinery, powerlines)
  • 40 per cent deliberately lit
  • 13 per cent lightning

Research published in a recent issue of the International Journal of Wildland Fire has found that the density of human populations can explain the pattern of fires ignited in New South Wales and Victoria.

“The higher the population density the more ignitions you get,” said lead author Kathryn Collins of the University of Wollongong’s Centre for Environmental Risk Management of Bushfires.

Ms Collins and colleagues gathered official data on more than 113,000 bushfires ignited between 1997 and 2009 in 144 bioregions across New South Wales and Victoria.

Could the real reasons for the bushfires be a lack of back burning operations; the inability to carry out land clearing; the increased population numbers in rural areas and arson?

Nope. The climate change zealots will have none of this.

The cult’s leaders have even conjured up their own three-horned devil. The coal miners. The recalcitrant politicians. The deniers of the science. To the climate change sect, these Lucifers are pure evil.

The likes of Bandt preach in broad sweeping statements, like…

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is partly responsible due to the government’s lack of action.

These banal statements are long on emotion and extremely short on logic.

The following chart shows, that on a per capita basis, coal consumption in the developed world — including Australia — has been declining for several years.

The Rum Rebellion 21-11-19

Source: Our World in Data

[Click to open in a new window]

Australia’s coal consumption is trending down. Which means, contrary to popular green mythology, our nation is taking action.

Australia is still high (on a per capita basis) compared to other nations. However, as a percentage of global CO2 emissions, we are a 1.3% minnow.

In reality, anything we do is more tokenism than tangible. That logic is largely ignored by the sect.

China and (to a lesser extent) India have increased coal consumption on a per capita basis.

This is entirely understandable. Both these countries are trying to raise the living standards of their people.

Who are we to deny them the comforts of life we’ve had for decades? The arrogance of these inner city pulpit thumpers is as breathtaking as it is galling.

Until a reliable low cost alternative is developed, then the most effective way to produce the power needed for developing nations is fossil fuel.

If this wasn’t the case, then are these countries importing coal?

Bandt says, ‘Unless we lead a global effort to quit coal & cut pollution, more lives will be lost.

How does Bandt reconcile his statement with the findings of the World Health Organisation (WHO) report that stated (emphasis is mine):

3.4 million people, mostly children, die annually from water-related diseases. Most of these illnesses and deaths can be prevented through simple, inexpensive measures.

Safe water supply and adequate sanitation to protect health are among the basic human rights. Ensuring their availability would contribute immeasurably to health and productivity for development.’

According to World Bank data, almost 1 billion people in the world (the grey bars) are WITHOUT electricity access.

The Rum Rebellion 21-11-19

Source: Our World in Data

[Click to open in a new window]

Without access to a reliable and inexpensive supply of power — to run water filtration and sewage plants — one billion people are being denied (to use the WHO’s words), ‘basic human rights.

Do these climate change nut jobs have any concept of the bigger picture? Does their delusion blind them to the plight of one billion people?

Does their ideological position render 3.4 million lives an irrelevance?

Perhaps a few facts from the WHO Sanitation report published in June 2019 might (and that’s a pretty big, might) change their minds (emphasis is mine):

  • 0 billion people still do not have basic sanitation facilities such as toilets or latrines.
  • Of these, 673 million still defecate in the open, for example in street gutters, behind bushes or into open bodies of water.
  • Cropland in peri-urban areas irrigated by mostly untreated urban wastewater is estimated to be approximately 36 million hectares (equivalent to the size of Germany)
  • Poor sanitation reduces human well-being, social and economic development due to impacts such as anxiety, risk of sexual assault, and lost educational opportunities.
  • Inadequate sanitation is estimated to cause 432 000 diarrhoeal deaths annually and is a major factor in several neglected tropical diseases, including intestinal worms, schistosomiasis, and trachoma. Poor sanitation also contributes to malnutrition.

Where’s the public outcry for our fellow man living in these conditions?

Is the suffering of a human worth that much less than that of a polar bear?

Why aren’t the school kids and inner city greenies up in arms over the preventable deaths of millions of people (mostly children)?

Greta Thunberg protests, ‘You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words’.

Greta’s next boat trip should be to visit the children living in abject squalor and drinking water contaminated by human excrement.

She just might gain a little perspective on what a stolen childhood really looks like.

What do these big talking, little action mouthpieces have to say on denying their fellow man access to affordable electricity…nothing.

Absolute silence.

And you know why?

The puppet masters of the climate change con, know there’s no money in it.

How is Al Gore going to buy an even bigger seaside mansion by providing low cost sanitation and water filtration solutions to poor countries?

Hard to make any serious coin out of advocacy for a genuine cause.

However, if you sell guilt to the people of wealthy nations, then that’s a whole different commercial proposition.

Create a phoney cause and a good chunk of the collective wealth becomes your individual wealth. The classic cult model.

All those taxpayer funded subsidies for expensive and unreliable green energy.

What a rich vein to tap.

The brainwashed followers of this cult parrot back their High Priest’s preachings.

‘The science is settled’, ‘You’re all denialists’.

But when asked ‘why should one billion people be denied access to basic human rights?’ you get that sheepish look. The one that only sheep can give.

Who’s more delusional? Folau or Bandt?

I’d say ‘Bandt wins by one-tenth of one degree on the thermometer’.

Folau preaches his nonsense in the hope of saving us from a mythical hell.

Whereas, Bandt, if he actually gets to practice what he preaches, would condemn one billion people to a living hell.


Vern Gowdie,
Editor, The Rum Rebellion

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