Markets Sitting Sideways: Stock Market Prediction

The week’s gone by and markets are still doing just what I predicted: bounding forward sideways until something breaks up or down.

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My money’s still on down, partially because of bitcoin and partly because of politics. What’s happening in Washington cannot be good for your money right now — between the Trump administration’s dealings with China, the Middle East, and even Ukraine. This impeachment deal is going to be trouble for Trump and further erode stability, especially in the stock markets.

Have you noticed also that the inquiry’s running on a 45-year cycle with the Nixon impeachment? Remember, we saw the market react very rapidly in late 1974. When did Nixon resign? You betcha.

Expect the markets to be very volatile over the next month or two. It may be worth considering selling stocks near the top, because I don’t see things getting much higher. We may make a new top in Nasdaq, but probably not the Dow or S&P. That means we don’t have the same upside we hoped, and we’ll still face the short-term downside we feared if we can’t make new highs in the next week or two.

As we’ve been saying, hold on to your hats.



Harry Dent,
For The Rum Rebellion

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Harry Dent is an economic realist. His market predictions and strategies, as well as his general views of the economic and political state of the world, are based solely on his own knowledge.

And, as a Harvard University MBA graduate and Fortune 100 consultant, it’s not as though he’s lacking in this resource. But if experience isn’t enough to convince you, perhaps his accuracy is. In 2017, Harry Dent was making calls about the Australian property market that are coming into play as we speak.
And yet, the media portrayed him as ‘crazy’.

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