The Walled State of Queensland – A Wall Along the Queensland Border

China has one. Berlin had one. And Trump wants one.

A wall.

The intent of the walls is to keep people in or out.

My proposal is to build a wall along the Queensland border.

The Queensland Wall is a win/win proposal.

The southerners who see Queenslanders as climate destroying, right-wing rednecks, will be cock-a-hoop at the prospect of cordoning off the nutters in the north.

Those on the inside of the wall will be over the moon with not having to be subjected to the ‘say everything, do nothing’ climate changers, gender ‘fluidity’, bureaucratic bulls**t from the so-called ‘progressive’ states.

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Why Queensland?

For starters I live here. Therefore, out of pure self-interest it’s Queensland.

And, remember this from election night…

Labor has been left reeling from a bloodbath in Queensland, as the Coalition celebrated a return to government.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison took a moment to thank Queensland in his victory speech in the early hours of Sunday morning.

“How good’s Queensland?” he asked, to chants from the party faithful of “Queensland! Queensland! Queensland!”

Former prime minister John Howard said Queenslanders were “commonsense” and worried about job security.

And when they saw a Labor Party prepared to destroy jobs in the name of climate ideology in relation to the Adani mine, they said, ‘That’s not for Queensland’,” he told the ABC.’

Sydney Morning Herald 18 May 2019

If it wasn’t for us Queenslanders, Australia would have PM Shorten and all his tax looting loony lefties picking our pockets.

In May, Queenslanders helped Australia dodge a bloody big bullet.

Shorten and his hare-brained socialist agenda would have been an unmitigated disaster for our nation.

Now, I’m well aware that not all Queenslanders share my unbridled joy at Bill Shorten’s spectacular electoral flame out.

My response? There’s the door. They are free to leave the walled state. Good riddance to you.

The first convey south must include all members of the economic ignoramuses in our state government.

Personally, I’m more than happy to volunteer my services to pack their bags.

When our State Government’s budget was released in June 2109 (by Treasurer Comrade Jackie Trad), this was the headline from The Australian:

Trad to plough Queensland deeper into red - 4-10-19

Source: The Australian

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And here’s a snippet of what was reported in June 2019…

The state’s total debt was forecast in December [2019] to hit $83.5 billion in 2021-22, but the Deputy Premier has fore­shadowed extra borrowing in today’s budget to bankroll building works in the cash-strapped state.’

In September, the economic vandal, masquerading as the Queensland Treasurer, had a brilliant idea for our indebted and cash-strapped state…

Over 200,000 Queensland public servants are set to be given a $1,250 bonus under a staggering quarter of a billion dollar cash splash…’

Courier Mail  21 September 2019

That’s right…give away ‘a quarter of billion dollars’ — money we do not have — to the most unproductive and parasitic sector of the economy.

What pure genius. How soon can we get those quotes on building the wall?

Comrade Trad and Chairman Palaszczuk can have seats 1A and 1B on the southern bound express.

Also, there will be those in the southern states who are none too happy with the likes of Daniel Andrews and the influence of the Watermelon (green on the outside and red on the inside) Party.

You’re most welcomed to resettle in the sunshine state.

However, if you are thinking of coming here expecting a free ride, then save yourself the expense of the trip.

The Queensland Wall…

In our walled state there’ll be minimal state assistance and maximum personal responsibility.

Anyone applying for one of the very few public sector positions will do so with the full knowledge the job does not come with a generous remuneration package.

For those seeking genuine reward for their efforts, intellect and desire to have a go, then the private sector awaits.

Some will succeed and others fail. That’s the nature of a properly functioning economy.

Don’t whinge about it. Learn from the failures and adapt.

Otherwise, hope on the next bus south.

The so called ‘progressive states’ will gladly give you a subsidy, grant or cushy bureaucratic job to enable you to indulge your failed theories and fantasies. The ones you want financed by other people’s money.

In the walled state of Queensland not every kid gets a prize. Suck it up. The world is not equal. Never was. Never will be.

In Queensland we have plenty of clean coal. Reliable, affordable power will not be a problem.

If the private sector (without obscene levels of grants and subsidies) can invent a more efficient, cost effective, lower emitting alternative then the market place will embrace it.

Until that happens, coal fired power stations will remain and be maintained in top working order.

Dependable energy is vital to the progress of humanity.

Those who don’t want this are welcome to live in the Progressive states…the ones forcing energy prices higher in pursuit of changing the unchangeable.

These progressive states are obviously OK with seeing people disconnect from the grid and the elderly dying from the cold. To them, this is just collateral damage in their war against emissions.

Queensland’s tropical rains can be harnessed and channelled into the newly built and strategically located dams.

The increased water storage should help minimise the effects of any droughts that mother nature may inflict upon us.

Our abundant and rich farming land can provide quality produce for the residents of the Walled State.

The primary aim of the Walled State’s leadership group — to be elected for a term not exceeding five years — is to cultivate a culture of inspiration that gives rise to aspiration.

A society provided with the environment to conceive and believe, will achieve.

Even though our state’s motto is ‘beautiful one day, perfect the next’, nothing is ever perfect.

All economic and political systems have positives and negatives, winners and losers.

The best you can hope for is a better version of the imperfect…and keep working at it.

The one thing that’s abundantly clear from history is that — in the longer run — a model based on capitalism is far better than the alternatives.

The ‘walled’ experiment has been tried before.

In August 15, 1960 — a year BEFORE the Berlin Wall was built — Professor BR Shenoy (PhD) made this observation…

For an explanation of the contrast of the two Berlins, we must look deeper: the main explanation lies in the divergent political systems.

The people being the same, there is no difference in talent, technological skill and aspirations of the residents of the two parts of the city.

In West Berlin efforts are spontaneous and self-directed by free men, under the urge to go ahead.

In East Berlin effort is centrally directed by Communist planners, who do not lack in determination for speedy progress; the urge to progress is particularly strong, if only to demonstrate the potentialities of communism to foreign visitors to the two Berlins.

The contrast in prosperity is convincing proof of the superiority of the forces of freedom over centralised planning. It is difficult to resist the inference that workers in East Berlin, deprived of the incentives of full property rights over the fruits of one’s effort, are loath to put in their best.

After the Wall was built in 1961, things went from bad to worse.

When the Berlin Wall came down in 1989, the contrast between West and East could not have been more stark.

The East was trapped in a 1940/50s time warp.

We are living in a world where the polarisation in ideological views appears to be increasing.

Nonsensical policies — even worse than those of Shorten and his merry band of tax plunderers — are being presented as viable alternatives to the citizens of the UK.

Here’s a sample of the left-wing lunacy from the recent UK Labour Party conference.

As reported by The Guardian on 28 September 2019:

John McDonnell, the shadow [UK] chancellor, announced the most radical measure of the Labour conference — a pledge to move to a 32-hour week “within the next decade”, with no loss of pay.’

And wait, there’s more…

The [UK Labour] conference passed a motion calling for the assets of private schools to be redistributed “democratically and fairly across the country’s educational institutions”. The motion, which was driven by the party’s grassroots, was denounced by critics for creating a dangerous precedent of the state seizing private assets.’

And for good measure…

The surprise announcement in Corbyn’s conference speech was a plan to create a state-owned drugs company capable of making cheap versions of medicines that are too expensive for the NHS. Such a reform would be likely to require patents to be bypassed. It is a big step and an attempt to curb what Labour regards as profiteering by Big Pharma.’

Plenty of people will cheer on the notion of a state-owned drug company. Cheaper medicines for all. Those rich pharmaceutical companies have been ripping us off.

But, if patent law is to be cast side like a used tissue, what incentive is there for Big Pharma to spend money on any further research and development?

Advancements in medical science come to a screaming halt.

People have to be incentivised. Otherwise what’s the point in lifting a finger?

Why would you contemplate being self-employed and work long hours, when you can get a job (paying a 40 hour wage) for 32 hours of work?

You’d have to have rocks in your head.

Don’t even bother trying to amass any wealth. If the state can confiscate the assets of private schools, what person, business or institution is the next target?

And there will be a next target, because no amount of ‘someone else’s money’ is enough for these people.

The lefties have branded themselves as the ‘progressives’. Ah, the irony in that.

Whenever and wherever their ‘progressive’ policies are implemented, the outcomes have been nothing but regressive…society has gone backwards.

If the Labour Party wins power in the UK, God may save the Queen, but he (or she) will be powerless to stop the bitter division of a once united kingdom.

My desire to avoid this fate, is why we need to section off a part of Australia for those who want to be uplifted not downtrodden.

Under my proposed plan, the greenies, the lefties, the bloated bureaucrats, career politicians, unionists, the climate change zealots and central bankers can have the rest of Australia to foist their ideology upon.

Go your hardest boys and girls and non-gender specifics, it’s all yours.

The rest of Australia has an abundance of mineral wealth; water; agricultural land and infrastructure to ensure the economic leaches won’t be starting at a disadvantage.

Watching these grafters and corrupters, out graft and out corrupt each other, will give those of us north of the Tweed a source of constant amusement.

With history as a guide, I reckon that within a decade or two, the parasites will have all-but drained the lifeblood out of the five states and two territories they occupy.

More by default than design, their economic vandalism will have achieved one clear objective…a reduction in CO2 emissions.

But alas, not being able to turn on power or afford to drive a car or shop at half empty malls, will all have been in vain.

To their great surprise, the climate will continue to change.

The new ‘greatest moral, economic and social challenge of our time’ will then become…falling living standards.

The solution?

Change the model? Don’t be silly.

Far easier to resort to the politics of envy.

Start an uprising. Invade the walled state of Queensland. Tax those rich bastards who screwed us out of our nation’s wealth.


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Vern Gowdie,
Editor, The Rum Rebellion

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