Your Response to the Big Lie: Climate Change Scare

In today’s Rum Rebellion, I’m going to share some of your feedback on last week’s article I wrote on the climate change scare.

Before I do though, let me just clarify my position, and the point of the article.

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I’m not saying climate change doesn’t exist. CO2 emissions are clearly increasing, and that is in part due to human activity.

What I am saying is that this truth is being used as a fear campaign to make us believe the Earth only has 10 or 20 years before everything goes pear shaped. It is the fear mongering and hysteria I object to. Especially when it involves kids.

If things were REALLY as bad as the UN, Hollywood phoneys, and climate change evangelists tell us, why is there no pressure on China, the world’s largest emitter, to do anything? Why is nuclear energy not being promoted as a viable form of emissions free, base load power?

Flooding electricity grids with renewable energy, without viable storage options, is not the answer. Sensible debate, investment in new technology, and long term planning by sovereign governments (not the UN) is.

But for now, it’s over to you…

By the way, thanks to everyone who sent in a message. The responses were around 5-1 in support of the article. That’s not surprising. Regardless of your views, I appreciate the feedback. Obviously I can’t publish them all, but here’s a selection…

Hi Greg

Great article. The sad consequences of this is that the apostles of climate change are ruthlessly manipulating young children to help achieve their nefarious goals, resulting in severe psychological trauma to many of them.

The apocalyptic ranting to children, often with the cooperation of ignorant or moronic parents and school teachers, is causing a significant increase in stress related anxiety and depression. Telling children big lies about extinction due to man made climate change is hugely damaging and nothing less than child abuse on a grand scale.

Unfortunately the vast majority of our politicians actually believe this rubbish or, if they don’t, are too gutless to speak out (Craig Kelly a notable exception).

Thanks again for your good work.


I will answer on 2 fronts…1. I had a look at the Club of Rome’s math model in the 1970’s as an honors thesis – they used that for the start of all this and the models are still being used today… basically all sh*t…. you make the equations to fit your story line and then when the model spits out the results you want you say there I told you so…. Same variety is used by Treasury to forecast Aust growth etc etc…all bull sh*t…

2. As an astrologer I watch all this knowing which planets are involved.

The same 2 created climate extremes in the1930’s…dust bowl in USA etc.

They have been playing with each other badly since 2010…setting up much the same scenarios… Back then Uranus moved into Taurus and we ended up with WW2…it has just hit the same area now….so interesting that you mention how the propaganda worked back then…same blond white gal with plaits… Then the world would be wonderful we removed all those nasty dark

haired people…. this time it is still dark but it is coal…smile. 

I wish them best of luck marching to make the planets behave… can only say complete deluded idiots parroting rubbish….this is where I am thankful to

Trump for standing against it all..

 Thank you for raising the topic…


Hi Greg,

Thank you for your Rum Rebellion-the big lie!

I was really amazed by how well put  your ideas and beliefs were put in your


All power to you to continue emails like this!!!

The Big Lie has done nothing but to make money for the people who “know

it all” about Climate change— you can trace this all back to 1980’s when

the idea took hold in Europe-the idea to con the people who are most easy to

convince of the horror.

Now we have the kids being conned in the same way, and for the same reason.

Look at how many are getting help, because they are scared of what their

future holds.

My generation lived through Nukes ready to be dropped, the close possibility

of Chinese invasion of Australia, even if you went to Church you were told

where you be burned alive or worse if you were naughty–  but we survived

and found out how the adults are not the wonderful people you think they


Today I saw the “leader”  of the Children crying and screaming and getting

angry at adults for not having the world well set out for them, and they are

going to die because of all this.

Meanwhile, the rich in Europe peddle their lies, and the fools who believe

them still pour money into their coffers.


Hi Greg,

Thank you for exposing the climate lie for what it is to your readers.

Both the UN and the IMF are completely open about using the hysteria of

Climate Change as a catalyst to usher in an overtly socialist global

economic model cleverly disguised as ‘the solution’ to redress the

‘climate catastrophe’, followed by a seamless segue into their ultimate

objective – centralised global government. These climate aligned

political and economic objectives are on record and openly acknowledged

by key players in this sorry drama such as past IMF Chair and incoming

ECB President, Christine Legarde.

The UN’s willing servant, the IPCC, is highly incentivized to maintain

the hysteria on behalf of their political masters for as long as they

dare, but I think time is running out for what can only be described as

a pack of incestuous science frauds.

There are now many within the climate science community that are

horrified by what they are seeing unfold. Many of these eminent

scientists – some, original authors of the early IPCC reports – are now

speaking out despite the risk of imperiling their academic careers or

even facing litigation for having the audacity to take a stand for what

is right and true.

Your analogy of Goebbels inspired Nazi propaganda perfectly represents

what is happening in our society today. The only difference between

Goebbels – who ironically modeled his propaganda on Hollywood and the US

advertising industry – and the 21st century version of mass

indoctrination, is that the bonfire has been fueled by the most volatile

and toxic accelerant of all, social media.

The veracity and speed at which the global Groupthink of Climate Change

fundamentalism has taken hold is frightening, and is very quickly

emerging as possibly the largest and most pervasive Cult the world has

ever seen.

Thank you for a great newsletter Greg. I really value the informative

content and your willingness to cover the issues that most resile from.



It is a bit difficult to accept your position. This planet is being abused: the forests of Borneo, Sumatra and the Amazon are burning; millions of plastic containers are swirling around the oceans; the population of this planet is still expanding at a rate of some seventy million people per annum.

It is hard to deny what is happening in front of our eyes. Without getting too technical, the planet is being abused; the atmosphere is not immune from it. The one fact, which changed my thinking on the subject of climate, was a visit to New Zealand in 2010. I went to see glaciers Fox and Franz Joseph in a country which is sparsely populated and reliant on hydro for its energy.

Their retreat is well documented. The photos are there to see. There is no need to deny the obvious fact that the glaciers have receded with some minimal corrections as part of their life cycle in the last one hundred years.

I find the current debate annoying, as it lacks transparency. The Greens are running out of technical excuses for phasing out fossil fuels. They are simply supporting profit maximising companies manufacturing solar panels, wind turbines and batteries, no different in behaviour to operators of coal powered power stations. They need to realise that solar and wind power is intermittent, and in capitalism solar and wind are not free, and battery storage is extremely expensive and toxic to the environment.

Have you noticed that Richard di Natale is very quiet lately. Bob Brown is misunderstood. He does not want renewables. He is dreaming of a hunter and gatherer planet. The debate has become political, rather than an open discussion on the data and most importantly on the solutions by way of solar, wind and battery.

If the politicians were a bit more transparent they could explain the problems we face. They need to ask the simple and obvious question: do we want intermittent power to save humanity? It would be interesting to see what the answers would be. We must test this scenario. However, the politicians enjoy the adversarial politics on the environment. I also think that the most important factor, which is missing from the discussion, is population.

I am surprised at your position on the matter. Your method of thinking in your sphere of expertise , which is evidence-based as far as possible with an element of self doubt, is at variance with your position on the environment, climate change. I accept that the current science on climate change is not as solid as one would like it to be, because it is very complex, but to call it a lie, is a bit out of character in light of some of the evidence in front of us by the way we abuse our planet.



Greg Canavan,
Editor, The Rum Rebellion

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