Epstein’s ‘suicide’ – Move along. Nothing to See Here Folks…

Is the deep state losing it?

Are they getting desperate?

Or do they think we are so absorbed in TV, debt, fast food, and prescription drugs that we’re too dumb to notice?

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I’m talking about the ‘suicide’ of jailed paedophile Jeffrey Epstein on the weekend.

For some context, I wrote about this on 23 July:

Finally, the recent arrest of paedophile Jeffrey Epstein is a fascinating part of the story. Epstein looks to have been running a long standing blackmail operation.

This is a classic deep state play. It’s believed Epstein has dirt on many, many of the elites who run the world.

Instead of investigating the real story, the mainstream media has made much of the fact that Trump has ties to Epstein. Epstein has evaded the law for decades. If he had dirt on Trump, he certainly wouldn’t have been arrested a few weeks ago.

But now, he’s in a maximum security prison, as much for his own safety as the wider public’s. As I said, he has dirt on a lot of powerful people. With the blackmail game now up, his value just plummeted.

It’s just another front in the war on the deep state and the decentralisation of elite power structures. I’ll be following it intently.

His value plummeted all right. He’s dead.

The official cause of death is ‘suicide’, but only conspiracy theorists would believe that. Here’s a bloke who was on suicide watch, and was then taken off suicide watch, a few days before he commits suicide. Right.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

Sen. Ben Sasse (R., Neb.), chairman of the Senate Judiciary Oversight Committee who originally asked the Justice Department to investigate the handling of the Epstein case, said in a letter to Mr. Barr: “Every single person in the Justice Department—from your Main Justice headquarters staff all the way to the night-shift jailer—knew that this man was a suicide risk, and that his dark secrets couldn’t be allowed to die with him.” He added, “Obviously, heads must roll.”

How did this happen?

Well, let’s just check the CCTV footage then. That should settle it.

What? The cameras weren’t working? In a maximum security prison? What a coincidence!

The stench surrounding this case is only going to get worse, dear reader.

The risk of Epstein testifying against many powerful people was too much to bear. It appears he was ‘suicided’.

But the establishment media are clinging to the official story, rather than investigating and questioning what appears to everyone else to be highly suspicious circumstances.

And then there’s this leaked email from a company called Shareblue. From The Conservative Treehouse:

Shareblue is the brain-child of far left activist David Brock; a rabid Clinton advocate.  Recently Shareblue hired Allison “Avi” Girvin as the Über leftist CEO for Shareblue Media.  Girvin was previously the head of NBC News’s Business, Tech, and Media unit.

Apparently the death of Jeffrey Epstein, a pedophile and sex trafficker directly connected to the Clinton cabal, has triggered the maximum alert warning for “Avi” and the Shareblue community, as they dispatch urgent talking points for their social media army:

from page 91 of Woolworths 2018 Annual Report showing ‘Cash and cash equivalents’ of $1.273 Billion - 9-08-19

[Click to open in a new window]

In #5 above “ROLCON” refers to role playing as a conservative.

The “stalwarts” are those activists paid to go on-line into all social media platforms and defend the interests of the far-left ideology.  It would appear Mr. Epstein’s death has activated the need for an urgent crisis response from the political left.

I included the above to show you how you’re getting played by the establishment media. Their sole aim is to set the narrative to stop the truth getting out. Or, if the truth is uncertain, it’s to stop legitimate questions that try to get to the truth.

The above letter starts off saying ‘far-right activists’ are spreading smears and conspiracy theories.

So we’re just meant to swallow the official story and shut up?

A disgusting human, who likely made his fortune from blackmailing equally disgusting (rich) humans, was found dead in a maximum security prison and you’re meant to buy the official story without question.

And if you do question it, you’re a conspiracy theorist?

What a load of rubbish.

Something huge is going on here.

Trump, in a re-tweet, pointed to the Clinton’s being responsible. Is this is an outrageous accusation, or does Trump, with access to classified information, know something that we don’t?

I’m not sure. But if you want a balanced and factual view on Trump versus Clinton and ties to Epstein, have a read of this article. It looks worse for Clinton than it does Trump.

Will this story just fade away? Another case of the rich getting away with hideous crimes. Or will we hear more about it in the weeks to come?

Apparently, the FBI is launching an investigation into Epstein’s suicide. If it’s anything like Jim Comey’s investigation into Hillary’s email leaks, it will be a waste of time.

So, I guess we’ll soon find out if the deep state is still in control, or if Epstein’s ‘suicide’ was a desperate attempt to stop the truth coming out about how the world really works.

Until next time…


Greg Canavan,
Editor, The Rum Rebellion

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