The Surprising Achilles Heel of This Economic Bubble

Do I regret moving to Puerto Rico in light of all these protests lately?

Absolutely not.

What I do regret is that people in the US seem unwilling to fight for their rights the way the Puerto Ricans have the last few weeks.

But today I don’t want to talk about what’s happening on the ground in this beautiful place. Rather, I want to tell you about the Achilles heel of this economic bubble.

It’s emerging world debt!

Listen to my video today to find out why world debt may be the last straw to burst this bubble…and what we can expect next.


Harry Dent,
For The Rum Rebellion

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Harry Dent is an economic realist. His market predictions and strategies, as well as his general views of the economic and political state of the world, are based solely on his own knowledge.

And, as a Harvard University MBA graduate and Fortune 100 consultant, it’s not as though he’s lacking in this resource. But if experience isn’t enough to convince you, perhaps his accuracy is. In 2017, Harry Dent was making calls about the Australian property market that are coming into play as we speak.
And yet, the media portrayed him as ‘crazy’.

At The Rum Rebellion, this sort of biased, inaccurate media that isn’t accepted. Dent and his fellow editors aim to give you the information you should know, rather than what the media wants you to know. Dent believes in facts and facts alone when forming an opinion, and such is The Rum Rebellion mission.

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