Why You Should Care about Greece’s Weekend Election Results

Yesterday, Greece got a new prime minister, after its new Democracy party won the weekend election. A centre-right party. That’s significant, as I explain in the video I recorded for you today to discuss this important event.

The promise: We’re going to make Greece great again.

But can they deliver?

Can they turn Greece around so that it’s no longer the problem child of Europe?

While they plan to go in the right direction, I think the challenges they face — particularly demographic and debt — are almost insurmountable. I elaborate in today’s video.

Around the 2:30 mark, I explain the more important lesson we should take away from what’s happening in Greece…particularly with the 2020 tipping point bearing down on us.

I also offer a forecast about where Greece will likely be in a few years, and which party will be in control.

Watch now.


Harry Dent,
For The Rum Rebellion

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Harry Dent is an economic realist. His market predictions and strategies, as well as his general views of the economic and political state of the world, are based solely on his own knowledge.

And, as a Harvard University MBA graduate and Fortune 100 consultant, it’s not as though he’s lacking in this resource. But if experience isn’t enough to convince you, perhaps his accuracy is. In 2017, Harry Dent was making calls about the Australian property market that are coming into play as we speak.
And yet, the media portrayed him as ‘crazy’.

At The Rum Rebellion, this sort of biased, inaccurate media that isn’t accepted. Dent and his fellow editors aim to give you the information you should know, rather than what the media wants you to know. Dent believes in facts and facts alone when forming an opinion, and such is The Rum Rebellion mission.

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