Trump V the Deep State, Starring Alexander Downer

It’s time for another instalment of the latest episode of the Trump administration versus the deep state. It’s particularly gripping for Australian viewers, as our very own Alexander Downer has a starring role.

You’ll recall that Trump campaigned prominently on the slogan, ‘Drain the swamp’. It referred to his intention to expose the entrenched interests that infect Washington DC, no matter who is in power — Republican or Democrat.

If you’re an avid reader of the establishment media, you won’t buy that narrative. You’ll think that Trump is in fact an out of control, racist, narcissist, authoritarian dictator trying to silence his enemies — who are the true American patriots.

If, on the other hand, you read a little wider, the story becomes much more interesting.

What I am talking about?

Late last week, President Trump gave Attorney General William Barr authority to review and declassify documents relating to the origins of the ‘Trump/Russia’ collusion investigation.

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Talking to reporters before he left for a trip to Japan, Trump said:

So what I’ve done is I’ve declassified everything. He [Barr] can look and I hope he looks at the UK and I hope he looks at Australia and I hope he looks at Ukraine.

‘I hope he looks at everything, because there was a hoax that was perpetrated on our country.

Why look at Australia?

This is where Alexander Downer comes in.

The official story goes that a meeting between Downer and Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos was the catalyst for starting ‘Crossfire Hurricane’, the FBI’s investigation into Trump’s 2016 election campaign and Russian collusion.

Apparently, Papadopoulos told Downer that Trump had a good chance of winning the election because Russia had damaging material on Hillary Clinton. Papadopoulos denies this.

Downer — who was Australia’s High Commissioner to London at the time — passed the information on to Canberra, who then told the FBI.

As I said, that’s the official story. But with thousands of intelligence documents potentially soon to be declassified, this story is likely to change.

What the mainstream media won’t tell you is that the ‘source’ of the ‘Russia has dirt on Hillary’ story is a bloke named Joseph Mifsud. He was cast as a shady Russian source, feeding info to Papadopoulos. That’s how they knew that team Trump was ‘colluding with the Russians’!

Except that Mifsud is, in reality, a UK intelligence asset and was part of the information chain to set the Trump team up. Downer, the declassified documents could well reveal, played his part in the sting.

After all, he was well known to UK intelligence. He sat on the board of intelligence firm Hakluyt (founded by former MI6 operatives) from 2008–14. He was also a board member of the Chinese telco Huawei.

Trump knows what happened. He’s no doubt seen the documents. That’s why he’s pointing the finger at Australia and the UK.

Downer is acting like the whole possibility of him being anything less than ‘a warrior for the West’ is absurd. As he said in an ABC interview on Friday:

This sort of idea that there is a kind of a Asis-Asio-MI6-MI5-FBI-CIA-Ukrainian government conspiracy to bring down the Trump administration, that this is treason, that I should be in Guantanamo Bay…I mean it’s a little bit sad that people take that kind of thought seriously.

Let’s see how that comment ages…

I don’t know. Maybe he is just an unwitting pawn in all of this.

You can decide for yourself.

Good old fake news

Here’s a good article on Downer’s involvement in the whole sordid affair from September 2018 (when Trump first threatened declassification). It’s more detailed than you’ll read in any mainstream media piece. It also points out that Downer gave $25 million in Australian taxpayer funds to the Clinton Foundation while he was Foreign Minister. He was a Clinton ally.

But it’s not just Downer and foreign governments who are biting their fingernails as they await Barr’s judgement on what to declassify. The upper echelons of the intelligence agencies in the US will be very worried. That’s why you should expect their media allies to be out in force saying how much of a danger this is to US national security.

In fact, it’s already happening, as the excellent Jeff Carlson at The Epoch Times highlighted is this article:

In a stroke of irony, the New York Times rushed out a story decrying Barr’s investigation and the pending declassification, citing potential risk to a CIA Asset from the declassification. The reality is the article by the New York Times appeared to be designed to actually burn that same CIA source in advance of the pending declassification.

The description provided by the New York Times—male, still alive, long-nurtured by the CIA, close to Putin, highly placed and provided information to the CIA about his involvement in Russia’s 2016 election interference—appears sufficient to allow for foreign intelligence agencies to determine the source’s underlying identity.

The article—and the description of the CIA asset provided in the article—appears to be a preemptive move to get information into the public domain in front of the impending release from Barr’s investigation.

The Washington Post also published an article describing the dangers posed by President Trump’s Executive Order, claiming the declassification authority given to AG Barr “threatens to expose U.S. intelligence sources and could distort the FBI and CIA’s roles in investigating Russian interference in the 2016 elections.” The Post included a lead quote from former FBI General Counsel James Baker who noted, “This is a complete slap in the face to the director of national intelligence.”

Left unsaid by the Washington Post was the fact that Baker is currently the subject of a criminal leak investigation that has been going on for over 18 months and is currently being led by John H. Durham, the United States Attorney for the District of Connecticut. Also left unsaid is the simple fact that both the Washington Post and the New York Times have been the primary outlets for anonymous leaks from the intelligence community over the last several years.

Good old fake news. Can you see how they operate? The swamp leaks information and disinformation to them to help drive their preferred narrative. Declassification threatens to expose this cosy little arrangement, and they’re not happy about it.

Why am I telling you all this? Well, what you’re seeing is the biggest scandal in US political history unfolding right before your eyes. That is, a concerted effort to spy on, frame, and remove a sitting US President. Don’t be deceived just because ‘the media’ aren’t covering it. They aren’t covering it because they are actively involved in covering it up!

I’m not sure what the market implications of all this will be. But it’s a story I will revisit from time to time to keep you up to date. Because the mainstream media is actively trying to keep you in the dark.

And as The Washington Post so ironically says, ‘Democracy Dies in Darkness’.


Greg Canavan,
Editor, The Rum Rebellion

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