The Dems and Deep State are Getting Desperate

Have you seen the latest incarnation of how the deep state and fake news works together?

It’s becoming so transparent now it’s actually quite sad. But if you’re not a US political tragic, like me, then it might not be so obvious.

So let me give you a brief run down.

As you may or may not know, the Democrats in the US are having a fit over the release of the Mueller Report, a two-year investigation into collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia to influence the 2016 election. The investigation found no evidence against Trump, yet the Dems and their media backers aren’t accepting the findings. They pinned everything on this.

With that in mind, earlier this week, ‘someone’ leaked a personal note sent from Robert Mueller to Attorney General Bill Barr. In it, Mueller apparently took issue with Barr’s summary of the report, that was released to the public.

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Mueller said it did not ‘fully capture the context, nature, and substance of this Office’s work and conclusions’. As if a four-page summary of a 400-page report would…

‘Damning’ articles appeared in the (surprise, surprise) The Washington Post and The New York Times. Democrats started melting down (again) about Barr’s ‘defence’ of the president. He should be impeached too, they said. He isn’t fit for service, they said.

Let’s ignore the fact that Barr asked if Mueller wanted to review the summary letter before it was released, and Mueller declined.

And let’s ignore the fact that a two-year investigation by forces hostile to Trump, could not find any evidence of Trump/Russia collusion. And that if there was no collusion in the first place, how can there be obstruction?

And let’s also ignore the fact that the whole Mueller Report was released to the public, with minimal reactions, soon after Barr received it, even though Barr was under no obligation to do so.

Yes, let’s ignore all that.

This leak was about changing the narrative ahead of Barr’s (voluntary) testimony to the Senate and the House this week (although after the circus in the Senate, he cancelled his testimony to the House).

Now, the story is that Barr is an out-of-control Trump henchman. He’s Trump’s lawyer, not the head of the Department of Justice.

Why is the attack turning on Barr?

Well, here’s where it gets interesting. It’s expected that Barr will make criminal referrals in the coming weeks in relation to the abuses performed by deep state actors in the surveillance of the Trump campaign.

The Dems and deep state media know the investigation is about to turn against them. They are getting desperate.

They’re trying to get ahead of this news by attempting to discredit the Attorney General who will be leading the investigation into their wrongdoing!

It’s a classic deep state/fake news playbook. The risk is that it will only create more divisions in US politics and society, as there are many people that have swallowed the ‘Trump is a criminal who colluded with the Russians’ hook, line and sinker. And the media are actively and knowingly peddling this narrative.

If you think this is ‘conspiracy theory’ stuff, you’re not paying attention. There are a number of investigative reporters, operating behind the scenes, who deal in facts and rational analysis. They have exposed the deep state’s plan (with the establishment media’s help) to frame and impeach Trump clearly, if you care to look.

Why I’m calling out this behaviour

This sort of deliberate misinformation is a threat to individual liberty and a peaceful society. It is an apparatus of the police state far more sophisticated than anything Orwell envisaged.

That’s why I’m calling it out. The Rum Rebellion is an advocate for reduced government involvement in our lives and greater individual freedom. I assume that’s at least partly why you read it. You, presumably, believe in the right of the individual to make their own choices in life and not have rules, regulations and taxes strangle the life out of them.

But freedom comes with responsibility. Not only personal responsibility, but responsibility to call out phoneys and lies when you see it.

Edmund Burke, the great British statesman and father of modern conservatism, said:

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing’.

That’s why I’m writing this. If you think it’s important, feel free to forward this on to your friends and family (and tell them to sign up!). Because without our freedoms, markets and money don’t matter.

Financial markets have already been captured by an arm of the state — central banks. They have repressed interest rates for over a decade now. This doesn’t attract widespread criticism because it enriches those at the top, and keeps the middle class happy and subservient.

But this distortion of interest rates — the price of money — is just socialism by other means. It is a reflection that ‘the state knows best’.

But ‘the state’ is just a collection of individuals whose ego and hubris makes them think that they know better than you and everyone else. It is a small selection of power hungry people trying to mould society to their views.

There is nothing more dangerous to the smooth functioning of a peaceful society. It is the ‘iron fist’ smashing down on the ‘invisible hand’.

For you, your kids and your grandchildren’s sake, let’s not allow that to happen.


Greg Canavan,
Editor, The Rum Rebellion

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