Welcome to The Rum Rebellion! You’re probably wondering what the name is all about. Well, there is a very good reason for it. I’ll explain it all in a moment. First, I want to tell you what you can expect from your daily shot of rum, so to speak… The Rum Rebellion is a uniquely Australian voice commenting on the nexus between money, stocks, politics and economics. We have a libertarian view of the world and believe in free speech, individual freedom and personal responsibility. While we also believe in the virtues of free trade and sound money, we recognise that most of the world’s players don’t share this view. We therefore seek to tell you about how the world IS, not how we wish it to be.

What the End of a Boom Looks Like

At the beginning of a boom, manufacturing thrives. The furnaces are lit, employees are recalled, and output shoots up.At the end, the lights go out. Houston Molnar reported from our research department:

What the End of a Boom Looks Like

At the beginning of a boom, investors are sceptical. They part with their money reluctantly, almost grudgingly…carefully looking for value. But after a few years and a few drinks, they forget all about value.

Fires Expose Green Folly

Green Folly closed forest tracks and gates, expelled foresters and timber workers and prevented property owners from removing flammable fuel from their own land and adjacent roads, parks and forests. Those responsible for these follies…

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